Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jeni's Lined Drawstring Bag...

good afternoon!

i'm joining in with 'ourcreativespaces' and kootoyoo...

today has been a productive day
and i'm pleased with myself
'cos i've tried something new...
and it worked!

i saw a tutorial on jeni's blog...'in color order'
for a lined drawstring bag.
the one she made is so sweet
i had to try to make one myself.

jeni has inspired me this week
with her amazing fabrics and very professional sewing...
you should really check out her blog.

so here it is...
{we had to go where the light was..
'cos it's stormy and was getting very dark inside the house}

this little bag only takes the equivalent of 3 fat quarters of fabric,

stands up beautifully due to it's 'shopping bag' corners

and is very cute!

i like the way it's neatly lined too
and was very easy to sew!

even hanging around it looks pretty...

it measures about 10" wide and 12 " long,
a good size
and i reckon it would be great for all kinds of things.

wouldn't it be great
with a piece of handmade clothing in it for a christmas present...
or a softie for a baby?

then mum could put clean nappies in it,
it'd hold about three or four,
just right for going out shopping or visiting.

i also made another 'blossom' cushion,
like yesterday's but a little bigger...
they look great with the japanese lady ones
on my chinese chest.

i'm off now to check out some fab creative spaces now...
maybe i'll see yours there!

'til tomorrow...

naturally Carol xox


  1. what a lovely bag. I still haven't made a drawstring bag but this is just the sort of one I would like to have a go at so will bookmark this tutorial thanks!

  2. Your creation today is truly delightful Carol.
    I can imagine it in pinks and whites with pom poms for little girls or blues, whites and greens for a beach bag perhaps.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely! Isn't it satisfying to make something different ... blogland is such an inspiration.

  4. That's a lovely little bag, Carol and beautifully made. Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  5. A really sweet little bag! I just love a good drawstring bag, they are useful for some many things.

  6. Great fabrics, looks really good x

  7. Lovely bag Carol. I'm sure you will find just the right job of it to do! :)

  8. What lovely cheerful fabrics you have chosen. Isn't it great when you try something new and it works out. Your drawstring bag looks great, well done.

  9. That's a lovely bag! Thanks for your visit and nice comment :)

  10. Oh you have been busy Carol. Love the little drawstring bag, so pretty and it would most certainly come in handy for carting many different thing around. I think it would be great for taking to the park/beach with the kid's snacks/lunch in it... we always take quite a few snacks! xo

  11. There's just something excellent about shopping bag corners, isn't there? Well done, chook!

  12. Look at you--first beautiful pillows, now amazing bags! You are awesome!

  13. Fantastic bag Carol..I can see that these would come in mighty handy at keeping all sorts of small toys and such in :)


  14. Love your bag, it has got me inspired too. You never know I might just make one today...must go and check what fabrcs might be suitable!!

  15. I like your fabric fabric choses and it turned out so pretty!


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