Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Do You Get It?

hello, this showery friday evening!

it's lovely to be warm and cosy,
huddled over my computer,
tucked away
in a quiet corner
of my old queensland house.

these were some of the first cushions i ever made.

they were made from a pack of charm squares
'fandango' by kate spain for moda.

a few of you commented and asked me
where i get my fabrics from,
as you have said you like them.
{thanks for the compliment!}

i buy from 'hawthorne threads'....

my second choice is
the fat quarter shop....

i buy from these shops online
'cos the price is right
they have great fabrics...
a myriad of choices
if you buy 5 yards at a time
the postage is $12.50...american dollars...
which only adds on a couple of dollars a yard to each fabric.

not all online shops post overseas
but these two do...
and their service is excellent.

when i first bought fabric online
there was a company that i first bought from
whose prices were very low...
every now and then
they would short cut the fabric
send me pieces that were
several inches short of a yard!

{even after drawing their attention to this fact
they didn't admit to doing it either!}

i hope you have time to spend a few hours this weekend
just browsing and dreaming....

have a great weekend!

naturally Carol xox


  1. As one of those people who asked where you buy your fabrics from...many thanks. I hadn't heard of hawthorne threads so I'm excited about checking them out!

  2. Top fabric tips! (thank you). Now I just need to invent some t.i.m.e.

  3. Wow, that's frustrating when businesses short you like that. =( Glad you found a place you liked!

  4. Oh Carol, these are gorgeous cushions and the first time I've seen them, so they were something new for me :o) Love the picture you paint of your cosy nook in your home xo

  5. I do love being inside nice and cosy when it rains outside, especially in a Queenslander:) Not nice to be short changed when you buy fabric, very frustrating. Lovely photo of a special space in your home. x


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