Sunday, October 2, 2011

My {Renovated} Lounge Room...


over the last few days
i've been inspired by 'the renovators'
to do something about our lounge room.

i would have taken some pics of the 'before'
except that i was so ashamed of it that i wouldn't want anyone to see them.
suffice to say it was cluttered and messy
and nothing coordinated with anything else.

just took some pics of 'after'...

it all started when we realised that the white net curtains on the windows...
suitable for letting a bit of winter sun in,
wouldn't cut out the strong summer sun that was just beginning to be a problem.

i had made the cushions and had just got another yard of this fabric
and thought it may make a suitable blind-like curtain,
teamed up with another from this range.

what do you think?

another wall...
that's ellie walking past in the right hand corner.

i think there is something needed on this wall.
i'll know it when i find it!

{and the cushions may change without notice too!}

the opposite wall...
i shifted the old cream sofa chair to the front room
and decided to use this as a feature chair here.

the small table was left behind from miss b,
i think it's from ikea.

the other end of the black couch...
that corner now resplendant with a bunch of lilliums
was the messiest eyesore of the room before.

miss j...notice your handmade coasters on the table!

the opposite end of the room...the entertainment centre.

all of the dvds and the wii are now packed away neatly in these drawers
and the tall narrow bookcase near the chest has a selection of reference books...
right at my fingertips!

this took me a couple of days to reorganise...
this white cabinet was under the house since mr m moved in a couple of years back...
he's since moved on and he left it and one of the chinese chests here.

the black couch and the coffee table were mr s's and he's moved on too,
both round tables and one chest were miss b's...she's gone off as well!

thank you to all my kids
for leaving home
and leaving your furniture behind..i love it!

{and the room would be a lot barer without it all,
in fact i think only the white chair and the narrow bookshelf are mine!}

i hope you will have a wonderful week everyone...
see you soon.

naturally Carol xox


  1. Look at your lovely home! Gorgeous French doors and picture rail/shelf in your lounge room too. I know what you mean - a little tidy does go a long way! xx

  2. I Love the Renovators too Carol..WOW love your Fabric in your Newly Lounge it looks Fab!
    Great you feel heaps Better for it.

  3. Hello Carol,

    your home is so gorgeous!!!!What a lovely place for a familie.
    I like it.And your pilows to!

    Enjoy your neuw home:)


  4. I like the curtains. I thought they were roman blinds at first. And you can never have enough cushions I say! x

  5. It's looking good Carol! love those fabrics :-)

  6. Well done Carol! Looks great! Nothing like a refurb! Love the fabrics you have used

  7. It all looks very lovely. That white chair must be a lovely place to sit :D But I have a pressing question ... how did you persuade your kids to leave furniture behind?! The two of mine who have left home took some of my furniture with them!

  8. Your lounge looks amazing Carol! I have a similar chocolate lounge and it has gone through many colour scheme re do's! I love those colours you have chosen and I think that you have done an amazing job on that blind! Plus that white cupboard is perfect for your entertainment centre! The peek of your stain glass doors is very enticing too! It all looks gorgeous! Happy week! X

  9. The curtains are lovely Carol... and your beautiful timber floors are making me pine for my old house.

  10. Loving the new look, beautiful fabric. I have a thing for the renovators too.

  11. Your decor is super I love the blinds and just the way you add your cushions here and there.
    You would be so good at interior design Carol.
    You have a lovely week to.
    best wishes Julie.C

  12. Wonderful space Carol, thank you for sharing it with us. As always, your pillows are so yummy and the stain glass on the French door is a very special detail.

  13. Oh Carol, you have done a splendid job on your lounge room. It all looks so fresh and inviting. There is nothing quite like performing a bit of a makeover on a room in the house. I think it's something we all like to do once in a while.
    I have to chuckle that you have filled the room with your children's furniture they've left behind. At least, you can get the use out of it and it reminds you of your family at the same time :o)

  14. Looks good to me Carol! You have done a great job with your renovations...Makes me want to do my lounge room now :)

  15. Fantastic - you have a beautiful house - love the leadlight and timberwork - beautiful era!

  16. Lovely house, Fantastic reno Carol! Your cushions make such an impact,so bright and colourful.

    I hope when our kids move out, I can persuade them to take some of our 'stuff' with them and all of theirs too - that way there'll be more room for sewing!

  17. Looking Good! I love the beautiful woodwork in your home. Blessings!

  18. That feature chair with the gorgeous cushions is my favourite bit - lovely.

  19. What a beautiful home! I hope you show more in the future!!

  20. Lovely home, indeed. Every piece of furniture was tastefully chosen. And the cushions make it so warm and inviting. Congratulations on the renov.

  21. It looks really lovely, Carol. I love all of your cushions sprinkled about :) The new blinds look great!

  22. Looks great! I love the feature chair - it is just screaming out for someone to come sit in it and enjoy a good book.

    I wonder if Ellie is trying to send you a message to put a lovely big picture of her on that wall.

    Also love your rug - don't they dress up wooden floors - and admiring your stain-glass door.


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