Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unfurling the New!

good afternoon!

sunday afternoons
are a time of reflection for me...

church just starts me thinking in the morning
about deep things
like pools of water...
hidden things.

mr w is back on his way up north to start a new working week,
the occupants are coming back...
mr w probably passed mr p coming down on the highway
as he went up.

it's got me thinking about new things.

it's a bit like this photo...
the new starts to unfurl
even when the skeletons of the past are still present in our lives.

the new takes time to appear
and grow...
but soon enough
the old will disappear under the canopy of green leaves...
slowly decaying...
feeding the new...

sometimes we are disturbed by seeing an old season pass,
changes coming...
 we're comfortable with the existing patterns
and routines and landscapes.

there is a grief and mourning that accompanies change some times.

but inevitably
the new comes into focus
it's bright
and the shape of it
captures our attention
becomes established
where the old once existed.

thoughtfully yours....

naturally Carol xox


  1. i love the way ferns unfurl, and yes its symbolic in so many ways

  2. Spring is such a wonderful time seeing the leaves come through and all that new life ...

  3. Had to find out who you are after I found your comment on my blog this morning. I was very delighted by it as it's always nice to have a new follower . Your post today capture exactly what I feel on Sundays. But there is a big difference, you have spring now and we are waiting for winter and the frost is lying on the grass. Well, maybe you can say the we are unfurling our winter clothes...
    Have a great week!

  4. Wonderful post Carol! I love the analogies that you made :-)

  5. Beautifully written Carol and I love the notion of the old feeding the new.

    Happy week ahead, may it unfurl gloriously.

  6. Like a parable. Lovely and thoughtfully apt for a Sunday afternoon.

  7. A beautiful post Carol. It can be difficult adjusting to the new and feeling comfortable with the old sometimes. I am enjoying seeing the beauty of spring come to life, such a lovely season. Have a wonderful week. xo

  8. Wow I love this post and the imagery you have described here Carol. Beautiful and inspiring. And so very fitting for me right now. The new is just a part of life and it serves us well if we can adjust to it with grace and acceptance. Thanks for sharing these thoughts xo

  9. Beautiful thoughts. They remind me of the song Every Season by Nicole Nordeman. God's always re-creating even in our hearts if we let Him.

  10. Hi Carol! Nice to see your spring when we have autumn! Love your new bag!
    Have a great week!
    xxx Teje

  11. Wise words! Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.

  12. I came here from 'Just Following Jesus'. Thank you for your words. We are beginning big changes that would be pretty scary if we didn't know that God is guiding and we are blessed!

  13. We did both blog about changes! Beautiful post.


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