Monday, October 17, 2011


hi there!

this has been a day of all kinds of pleasures and surprises.

first of all i just want to show you
a couple of rare photos that popped into our email today.

they were begging to be shared...

don't you love this one...
it's always good to see the guys do the dishes,
but wow...michael jackson and paul mccartney?

i've never seen either of them look so relaxed either,
now that's a good reason to do some housework.
i wonder if it'll work with our men?

i can imagine it..
darling how about doing the dishes?
it's so darn relaxing!

now for this one...

i love this for it's style.
two of the most elegant and beautiful stars of the fifties,
dressed up to the hilt
and it's just so romantic!

look at audrey hepburn...the neck of a swan,
and grace kelly...perfection.

well, apart from that
i've sent off one of my 'pay it forward' gifts...
to tasmania.

in fact i had two parcels to tassie in the post today
as i sold a cushion cover to be sent there as well.
i think i love packing them up and sending them out
just as much as making them.

'retromummy' corrie is sending up some quilts to be distributed,
which should be loads of fun
to hand out to people who were affected by this year's floods in january.
most of this area was affected
and further north
so i am sure they'll all find worthy homes.

a big thank you to all who've contributed,
i'll keep you posted.

i won a bag of various balls of wool
from christy...from 'a christy production'
thank you christy!
i don't know what will be made of them
but i'm sure in time
all of them will be useful.

i also found the most darling wall art
at 'poss and wom' on madeit
for the most darling little girl
who's just turned one...
her name is pearl possum..for real!

she has a few difficulties to contend with
in her young life
but is now rolling over
which her mum says is great progress
as doctors didn't think she'd ever be able to...
now they think she'll achieve
but just a little bit slower than others.
i think she's a winner!

i hope you've had an interesting day too!

naturally Carol xox


  1. That bag of wall sounds a wonderful prize! How lovely to hear that little Pearl Possum is rolling over and that you found her a special gift!

  2. that should be 'bag of wool' lol

  3. Great pics! I love the elegance of the picture of Aurdrey and Grace! X

  4. Guys doing the dishes?? This is one for thre front of the fridge surely- subliminal inspiration??

  5. Adore the pic of Audrey and grace. Agree, such elegance.


  6. Great to see that men (other than my husband) can wash up!! If I were the suspicious type, I'd say Andy deliberately leaves food on the dishes he's washed so that I'll think he's incompetent and never ask him to do them again....!! Men!

    So glad you've had a good day - it really makes you feel better doesn't it? I've had a purpose-less amble round town this morning: fabric shop, yarn shop, chocolate shop .... No major purchases, just a good old browse and I found a few bits and bobs that will come in handy.

  7. Wonderful pics Carol... love the one of Audrey & Grace! This post is all kinds of lovely actually. It's nice to hear you're busy with happy, positive things and Pearl Possum sounds positively delightful :o) xo

  8. Always love stopping by your blog :]

  9. Seeing that first pic has brought the song 'Ebony and Ivory' to mind :)

    Congrats on your win Carol.


  10. I LOVE that pic of michael jackson and paul mccartney!!!


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