Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brownie Points!

good afternoon!

almost every tuesday evening
for the last nearly two years...
i go to bible college.

{i positively can't get enough of learning
what God says through the bible
and understanding the way He works!}

every tuesday evening 
different people provide food for supper.

we begin early..6.30 pm
and go through to 9.30 pm
with half an hour for supper from about 8 til half past.

i don't know quite how it ends up being 
but very nearly all nights end up being a feast...
and on the nights various ones of us are restricting our food intake,
it's pretty near impossible to resist.

tonight's my turn...
and this is my part of the feast!

...ok, just for suspense,
besides, this is one of my favourite tea towels!

i'm sure i'll get brownie points for this..hehe!

it's actually two packets of 'betty crocker' brownie mix...
one is the 'rainbow brownie',
the other is the 'caramel brownie'.

i was going to bake them separately
but when i poured the first mixture into the pan
i noticed there was no way it was going to fill it...
so i quickly made the other mix
and poured it in too.
{they only take about 2 minutes each to make up!}

when i was getting the packets of brownie mix from woollies,
i just happened to duck into gloria jeans for a coffee..as you would.

i told sam i was running home to make brownies...
{he works there}
and his mum is going to be there tonight.
he asked whether his mum could keep him a couple of pieces...
how could i resist?

so here is a little package for sam...

so sam's mum
will be instructed to put it in the fridge...
and tomorrow
sam will be over for a visit.

of course the four of us here
just had to have a test piece each...
the middle..where the caramel and mini m&ms collide...
it got thumbs up all 'round...


said a slightly fatter foursome!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Yum! I think I put on a kilo just looking at those brownies. Have a good night tonight! xx

  2. Very sweet, Carol. You have definitely earned lots and lots of brownie points!! Enjoy your class tonight. x

  3. That looks so divine....I must try out those mixes....
    How kind to save some...it looks like it was a good idea to set aside some early I am sure there won't be much left. Have a great night.

  4. Before I was a Girl Guide I was a Brownie and I can just imagine how my little eyes would have popped if you'd arrived with your gorgeous tea towel covered treasure trove at one of our meetings.

    Now over thirty years later I had the same reaction seeing your wonderful treat revealed here...just lucky I live too far down the highway to simply pop over, as I'm meant to be on a sugar-free diet and these would be too hard to resist for sure! Scrummy!

  5. Mmmmm you will be popular bringing that yummy looking lot of brownies :-)

  6. Oh that is sure to score you big points Carol...it looks oh so yummy!!


  7. Well don't you talk about brownies I wouldn't be able to focus on anything now until I get one !
    check this -
    Are you a Chocoholic?
    How much do you love chocolates?

  8. Gorgeous brownies, and making me hungry too! I made some for a neighbourhood party in the summer and was glad to see the plate empty when I went to collect it. Brownies are univerally popular, and you will be too when you arrive with these!
    Helen x

  9. That is serious brownie feast there Carol. You will be a very popular member of your group this evening I'm sure!

  10. How scrummy! Sam is very lucky!!!! X

  11. Oh delicious Carol! Brownies are Sooooo good. You would have been quite the popular one in your class. So nice that everyone takes turns bringing the goodies, such a fair way of doing things :o) xo

  12. Looks delicious! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  13. They look so yummy!!! Sam is one fortunate fella! Take care



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