Monday, October 3, 2011

Before & After....

good afternoon!

thanks for coming to look at my lounge room yesterday,
it was lovely to get all that positive feedback...
i appreciate every single comment.

it was actually mr w
that came up with the idea of filling the space above the cushions on the chinese chest...

have a look at the 'before & after'
and see what you think.

this is looking through from the dining room...
a night view..
{so the light is different from yesterdays shots}
the painting is on the wall.


what do you think?

is it too long?
or the frame too bold?
or just the wrong colouring?

i can change the cushions...
i think i'll have to live with it a few days to decide properly.

here is a close up of the painting...
mr s's fiance's mother painted it for me as a gift.

it shows two little birds in a wisteria vine.

all the kids are back at school up here in queensland...
this morning the shopping centre was school kid free
and i had a relaxing cappucino at gloria jeans
with a piece of raisin toast.

i seriously had to give away eating so much banana bread
as it is the equivalent of eating four slices of cake ..i think!

whether you are surrounded by holidaying kids
or back to 'normal'...
i hope you're having a splendid monday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Love the makeover Carol!

    If you're worried about the picture being too long for the space (and I personally don't think it is) why don't you take a cushion out and lay the remaining ones a bit lower creating a smidgeon more space between the top of the cushions and the picture frame? Just a thought.

  2. I'm a shocker when it comes to hanging up work on the wall. It seems to work there though. Nothing is permanent so you can always move it and swap things around.
    Lovely to have something on your walls painted by someone you know. xx

  3. Hi Carol I'm just catching up after a busy weekend...I love this post and your previous one of you beautiful new lounge! What a lovely room, I love the white chair, the white paintwork, the cushions, and what a wonderful painting of wisteria, that is such a special gift. Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  4. I was just going to type what Fiona has written. I think it all looks fine as it is, but a little more wall space underneath the picture frame wouldn't go amiss. That painting is a gorgeous gift :D

  5. You have a beautiful home Carol, it looks so calm and serene and I bet you just sit on one of your lovely chairs looking at it now! I think the picture looks great where it is, pride of place for such a pretty and sentimental piece.

  6. Oh I love your before and after shots Carol. I think the painting looks perfect in that position, like it was meant to be there. And what a lovely painting, it's so pretty and unique. So special that it was especially crafted for you too. And oh yes, banana bread is a tricky one, because it's SO moreish and it fools you into believing it's a healthy option. Maybe once in a while wouldn't hurt though ;o) xo

  7. The painting looks in its rightful place Carol. I also love the oriental chest and the way you have lined the cushions along the top. I have a simialr one...and now you have got me thinking of doing the same! love with your white washed cane and timber armchair. Gorgeous! Happy Monday! Jac xx

  8. I think the painting looks great right where it is Carol. Great choice for that space.

  9. That wall looks so bright and cheery, with the painting and the pillows.
    OH, I LOVE banana bread. I would eat it every day, if I wasn't trying so hard to be good!

  10. Please can i come and stay with you? Your home looks inviting and lovely (much like its owner) x


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!