Thursday, May 30, 2013


good morning to you!
i must say the morning has improved with age..

heading down these very same steps this morning was a very different matter!
as usual these days
every second week mr m and i have a very early start.
just after half past three in the morning
i take him to work.
just as he's putting on his shoes and socks
i head out the door to warm up the car,
saying, "i'll meet you in the car".
that said i stepped outside and noticed the bulb in the outside light was blown.
i thought to myself...
'i'd better be a bit careful on the stairs'.
i can't take my own advice.
i stepped off the second to bottom step
bit the dirt.
i squealed in surprise ...and a bit of pain...
but the only creatures to notice
were the dogs across the road.
i lay in complete shock
spitting out bits of pencil pine
and dirt.
first glasses...not broken..sigh of relief.
second beautiful near new 'sacs' purple handbag...
brushing it survived too.
nothing broken...good.
thank goodness for strong bones...and a bit of padding!
later i noticed i was still finding grit in my mouth
and in my hair.
i got up very slowly...a bit embarrassed really...
at stepping out into thin air
and falling over like a school kid..hehe...
a bit pleased that it was the middle of the night, in the dark,
where the world wasn't watching.
i limped to the car.
mr m emerged from the house.
i told my story.
he was surprised...hehe..he didn't feel the earth quake
or hear my protest.
i'm all washed up now
but nursing my tender leg and a knee that's a little stiff.
i'll recover,
but today i'm a fallen woman.
bottom step...
i fell for you once
but never again
if i can help it!
unfortunately i know for sure
that i can't fly...oh well.
have you ever taken a fall?
{maybe i've been too proud lately.}
naturally Carol xox


Monday, May 27, 2013

Man Beanie!

after the weekend of great excitement
when 'baby bean' a.k.a kai was finally born,
it has been a week of busy-ness here.
nothing spectacular, different or fabulous...
just plain old busy.
my blog has almost become a stranger
i've neglected almost everybody i know.
i apologise.
i also thank you for all of your kind wishes and
beautiful sentiment for our littlest family member.
we appreciate every gorgeous comment.
i did finish a 'man beanie' though
and it has met with the approval of mr t
who has already stretched it onto his head
where it has a semi permanent address already!
the colours just happened to coordinate
 with all this spectacular leafy glory beautifully!
{..or maybe i just have orange and black on my mind}
up here in queensland
we've been having glorious winter weather
and it's been a long slow change in colour for the deciduous trees here.
outside my bedroom window this morning
the crepe myrtle was at it's best...
showing off on this cool sunny winter day!
take care...
naturally Carol xox

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm A Grandma!

i'm ecstatic...
baby kai
which means 'peaceful' in chinese,
was born at 1:16 pm...aussie time,
this afternoon.
he is 3400g and 49cm long...
here he is at 4 minutes old!

he's just the cutest little baby bean alive!
naturally Carol xox


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Creatively Exhausted!

my creative mojo is gone with the wind this week...
last week every spare minute was spent crocheting the rug,
when i finished that i cast on another baby beanie,
blue this time.
i finished quickly...
but then
i think i was creatively exhausted.
{parsley & thyme, a gift from a sweet friend}
sunday..mother's day...
i didn't want to knit, crochet, sew or even read or watch tv.
the boys gave me two angry birds computer games
so it was loaded
and it has been a week of playing a few games
inbetween all the usual stuff.
i think it's just what i've needed this week.
tomorrow is 'show day' here...a public holiday...just in our town,
it is there so the locals have a chance to visit their local show.
different places have different 'show days' here in queensland.
'baby bean's' mum is booked in on saturday for a c section..
he's a breech baby just like his dad was.
we have bought a banner and balloons and party poppers...
stashed a good bottle of wine too.
we'll  have a skype party when the good news comes through.
i hope you're pacing yourself creatively this week...
a nice balance will do,
so you don't burn out too!
naturally Carol xox

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Afghan...finished!

good afternoon...
it's a rainy saturday afternoon here.
i didn't think it was going to be
'cos it was sunny and windy this morning...
an excellent day for drying
so i washed a few blankets and hung them out on the clothesline.
i had to quickly fetch them though
when the heavy grey clouds started to close in from the south.
i was up early this morning
tying in woolly threads
to finish my baby sized afghan.
i am pleased with it
feel happy to give it to my friend
for her grandbaby.
this is about the limit of my ability in crocheting...
especially at a moment's notice
but another friend who popped in this afternoon
has a book of 101 crochet stitches to lend me
so hopefully i can learn a bit more.
the rest of the day
was filled with another knitting start
fetching a few groceries.
our diet has been woeful in the last week or so...
filled with quick meals
and hardly a green leaf in sight.
it was time to rectify this awful situation
get a variety of salad veges,
some lovely olives and other seasonal goodies.
do you ever go through periods
where laziness prevails and the dinner table suffers?
{or is it just me?}
oh, well...cheers to you my good friends...
you are an inspiration to me!
naturally Carol xox

Baby Afghan...WIP

have a great weekend everybody!
i have been madly crocheting this afghan
in all my 'spare' minutes this week...
the baby girl is due any time now...
{'s not our baby bean!}
her grandma requested this
only last sunday,
so there isn't much time!
i keep my wool from running around
by putting it in a paint tin...
what do you do?
happy creating!
naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crepe Myrtle Colours!

good evening!
late evening really...
it's getting on to midnight here
but i'm more awake now
than a while ago
after talking with my son and daughter in taiwan
on skype.
while i was knitting a couple of little bright girlie baby beanies
by request of a couple of soon to be grandmas...
just like myself...
i was wondering whether their colouring
was a bit unnatural...
but then i remembered
the colours of crepe myrtles
which range from glorious bright pinks to mauves
and knew they were perfectly natural indeed!
perfect crepe myrtle colours!
today the grandmas took them home
to give with love to their little granddaughters...
two more warm heads in our cool aussie winter.
i'm crocheting a granny blanket for the baby girl
who is to receive the smallest beanie...
she's due to be born this friday!
there's babies everywhere at the moment
it seems!
naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One for the Girls...

the week's rolling on
already it's tuesday.
it seems to me that with the cooler days
the pace of working days heats up!
no longer do we have the laid back days of summer warmth...
that slowed down holiday atmosphere
that permeates through til march around here.
i started my winter preparations early
with knitting scarves and beanies.
lately i've been practising baby boy beanies
but i've been eyeing off those sweet pink yarns as well.
i said 'Lord, please send me a few baby girls to knit for too!'
...and He did.
last weekend
i was at the local shopping centre enjoying a cappucino
and along came a friend
with her daughter and granddaughter in tow.
miss emma is 8 months old.
i asked whether i could knit her a beanie
and she agreed to let me.
i've knitted her two.
i hope they fit....or i'll just have to practise some more..hehe!
by the way this pattern is called 'spicchi'
by barbara aroldi
is available on ravelry...size 40cm head.
{free download}
i have added a bit more width and height on this one for a slightly bigger head.
i must say
i'm having fun with pink...
i'll show you more next time.
hoping your tuesday is terrific too...
naturally Carol xox

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Beach Beanies...

good morning!
this is just the kind of morning
that taking your baby for a walk
would mean popping a beanie on that tiny head...
sunny looking
but cool with a touch of mist lingering.
when i was making these
i was imagining
early morning walks briskly taken along the edge of the sand
evening strolls
catching the silvery waves as the sun sets
as the night air closes in...damply.

..keeping those little ears cosy...
away from that chilly breeze...

jazzy orange...

or cool grey...
my baby beach beanies.
i'm still practising for 'baby bean'.
we're all getting excited here,
he's due to arrive this month sometime.
his mum has been having practise contractions
while i practise my knitting!
i'm hoping you'll all have a great weekend...
and maybe even get to walk along the beach...
naturally Carol xox