Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Afghan...WIP

have a great weekend everybody!
i have been madly crocheting this afghan
in all my 'spare' minutes this week...
the baby girl is due any time now...
{'s not our baby bean!}
her grandma requested this
only last sunday,
so there isn't much time!
i keep my wool from running around
by putting it in a paint tin...
what do you do?
happy creating!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol, I am loving all the hand knit goods you are producing lately! My goodness you are going to have a lot of warm and snugly babies thanking you!

  2. happy crocheting!

  3.'ve been busy! So pretty too! Looks like you've done a fair amount of you'll finish it on time...whenever that will be! Jillxx

  4. Hope you get it done in time, such lovely pinks :-)

  5. Lovely colours! I keep my yarn - and all my other knitting tools - contained in my knitting basket :-)

  6. That's so pretty and such soft looking yarns Carol, very nice! You've done a lot in such a short time xx


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