Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crepe Myrtle Colours!

good evening!
late evening really...
it's getting on to midnight here
but i'm more awake now
than a while ago
after talking with my son and daughter in taiwan
on skype.
while i was knitting a couple of little bright girlie baby beanies
by request of a couple of soon to be grandmas...
just like myself...
i was wondering whether their colouring
was a bit unnatural...
but then i remembered
the colours of crepe myrtles
which range from glorious bright pinks to mauves
and knew they were perfectly natural indeed!
perfect crepe myrtle colours!
today the grandmas took them home
to give with love to their little granddaughters...
two more warm heads in our cool aussie winter.
i'm crocheting a granny blanket for the baby girl
who is to receive the smallest beanie...
she's due to be born this friday!
there's babies everywhere at the moment
it seems!
naturally Carol xox


  1. beautiful pinks!

  2. Lovely colours, Carol! You are definitely on a roll with these beanies - I should imagine they're relatively quick and satisfying to make.

  3. So pretty! Let us know as soon as you're a grandma?...nana?....granny? Love Jillxx

  4. Isn't Skype amazing? Love the beanies, I'd love to be a grandma! x

  5. Oh, these are my favorite!! Love the colors!! xo Heather

  6. Lucky you, I wish I had some babies to knit for!
    Loving your latest hat x

  7. love the colours soft and delicate... winter is on the way..
    perfect for those cool days ... love the crepe Myrtle ..we had one in our home in East Launceston ...the colour is magnificent and so delicate as well ...

  8. Beautiful colours, and I love Crepe Myrtle. How lovely, new babies in time for Mother's Day.

  9. Love the colours of the gorgeous Crepe Myrtle. You little girl beanies look very sweet, and what a lovely idea to make a little blanket to go with a little beanie for a new baby...a perfect gift!
    Wishing you a happy weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  10. Crepe myrtle are just beautiful and the colours of the stripe beanies are very pretty for little baby girls:) x


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