Thursday, May 16, 2013

Creatively Exhausted!

my creative mojo is gone with the wind this week...
last week every spare minute was spent crocheting the rug,
when i finished that i cast on another baby beanie,
blue this time.
i finished quickly...
but then
i think i was creatively exhausted.
{parsley & thyme, a gift from a sweet friend}
sunday..mother's day...
i didn't want to knit, crochet, sew or even read or watch tv.
the boys gave me two angry birds computer games
so it was loaded
and it has been a week of playing a few games
inbetween all the usual stuff.
i think it's just what i've needed this week.
tomorrow is 'show day' here...a public holiday...just in our town,
it is there so the locals have a chance to visit their local show.
different places have different 'show days' here in queensland.
'baby bean's' mum is booked in on saturday for a c section..
he's a breech baby just like his dad was.
we have bought a banner and balloons and party poppers...
stashed a good bottle of wine too.
we'll  have a skype party when the good news comes through.
i hope you're pacing yourself creatively this week...
a nice balance will do,
so you don't burn out too!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Don't we all have these periods? It's just a good thing you recognize it and act on it.
    What an exiting week you are going to have. I hope everything will go well.

  2. Oh Carol I have loads of creatively exhausted periods these days for some reason. Exciting times with the bub, hoping all goes well. xx

  3. It's good to have a break, to replenish. I hope you have a lovely week and hope all goes well with baby bean! Exciting! love Jillxx

  4. Sounds like you really needed this day to relax! The potted herbs are a lovely gift. I have some starts ready to plant, but haven't had time this week.

  5. Dry spells are common around here. Playing angry birds is a fun alternative. I went through a spell where I played it for an hour every night in bed. I got so frustrated with those clunky white chicken-like birds! :) The black "bomb" birds were the best!

  6. I need those days, too!! Hope you have a fun weekend!! And, wishing all goes well with sweet baby bean!! xo Heather

  7. Oooh how exciting to be having a little bubba about:) Hope it all goes well for them, Carol and the bubba boy comes out safe and sound. Creativity is a bit like that, don't you think? Here one day, gone the next. Angry birds is a great filler while you wait the next bout of creative juice flowing:) x

  8. We all need a rest from it at times, sometimes I'll grab a book and get engrossed in that for a while. Best wishes for the new bub and mum xx

  9. I find myself needing those breaks too. It is good for the soul to find balance. :) Too bad it's such a tricky thing. lol


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