Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Beach Beanies...

good morning!
this is just the kind of morning
that taking your baby for a walk
would mean popping a beanie on that tiny head...
sunny looking
but cool with a touch of mist lingering.
when i was making these
i was imagining
early morning walks briskly taken along the edge of the sand
evening strolls
catching the silvery waves as the sun sets
as the night air closes in...damply.

..keeping those little ears cosy...
away from that chilly breeze...

jazzy orange...

or cool grey...
my baby beach beanies.
i'm still practising for 'baby bean'.
we're all getting excited here,
he's due to arrive this month sometime.
his mum has been having practise contractions
while i practise my knitting!
i'm hoping you'll all have a great weekend...
and maybe even get to walk along the beach...
naturally Carol xox





  1. The sweetest beanies!! How exciting that 'baby bean' is due this month!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  2. These are so sweet Carol and I love your colour choices. These will certainly be perfect for a little bub going for a walk keeping them nice and toasty. xx

  3. Gorgeous colours....they look tiny perfect for this time of the year.xx Happy waiting for your new little addition to the family. xx

  4. Oh, they're so sweet. They will look adorable on the new addition. :)

  5. Love those little hats and the color choices you have made..I especially like the orange one, the color reminds me of sherbet. How exciting that 'baby bean' will be joining you all this month!

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  6. Cute beanies! I bet you are getting excited, not long now...

    Love the colours :)


  7. Absolutely beautiful little baby hats!
    M x

  8. Sweet little hats - baby bean will definitely be the best dressed baby this Winter :-)

  9. They're lovely Carol. Baby bean will be very nicely dressed, and I daresay a bit spoilt too :-D Hope everything goes well with him and his Mum!


  10. They are sooo cute Carol! Love the colours and the way you've photographed them. Jillxx

  11. These are so cute!

    Wow, and that baby's nearly here now?! Time flies!

  12. Oh what a lovely post Carol, these are such beautiful little beanies... and I do like the names you have given them too. Ooo are you about to become a grandparent? How exciting Carol, hope everything goes well and look forward to reading the news xo


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