Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One for the Girls...

the week's rolling on
already it's tuesday.
it seems to me that with the cooler days
the pace of working days heats up!
no longer do we have the laid back days of summer warmth...
that slowed down holiday atmosphere
that permeates through til march around here.
i started my winter preparations early
with knitting scarves and beanies.
lately i've been practising baby boy beanies
but i've been eyeing off those sweet pink yarns as well.
i said 'Lord, please send me a few baby girls to knit for too!'
...and He did.
last weekend
i was at the local shopping centre enjoying a cappucino
and along came a friend
with her daughter and granddaughter in tow.
miss emma is 8 months old.
i asked whether i could knit her a beanie
and she agreed to let me.
i've knitted her two.
i hope they fit....or i'll just have to practise some more..hehe!
by the way this pattern is called 'spicchi'
by barbara aroldi
is available on ravelry...size 40cm head.
{free download}
i have added a bit more width and height on this one for a slightly bigger head.
i must say
i'm having fun with pink...
i'll show you more next time.
hoping your tuesday is terrific too...
naturally Carol xox


  1. So very cute Carol. I love this design. You really are clever cookie :)

  2. I have to admit to a slight weakness for all things pink, and your beanie is no exception! It's just so sweet and I'm sure it will be much loved by its new owner.
    Have a lovely week - it's warming up here and I'm getting into that holiday mode you mention :-)

  3. Loving the pretty pinks - and the hat :)

  4. Oh...it just looks all cuddly and nice. The girl baby will look so cute! Jillxx

  5. Love this one Carol, reminds me of ice-cream for some reason... doesn't take much for me to think about food! Lucky little bubbas receiving these treasures made with love xo

  6. What a super sweet cocunut-icy kind of beanie

  7. Scrummy colourway for this cute beanie, Carol! I love the little ones on your previous post too, they are adorable! I'm sure the baby girl will look really sweet in her new hat!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  8. Like Ally said, it's just like a piece of coconut ice. Aren't you lovely knitting for all of these people :)

  9. What a sweet little beanie in it's coconut ice colours. I'm sure she will love it! Oh, I have just read the other comments - seems we are thinking the same thing. :)

  10. Gorgeous little hat, it is sure to be loved. YOu keep up the hat making, Carol, I know how addictive it is, mind you, if you're anything like me you may find yourself moving onto shawls soon. Perfect addition to hats, you know ;) !!

  11. So so sweet.....I am sure there will be a few more that would love to wear your beautiful little beanies. xx

  12. You are sure on a creating roll Carol I need to visit you to get my creating mojo back:) xx


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