Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Afghan...finished!

good afternoon...
it's a rainy saturday afternoon here.
i didn't think it was going to be
'cos it was sunny and windy this morning...
an excellent day for drying
so i washed a few blankets and hung them out on the clothesline.
i had to quickly fetch them though
when the heavy grey clouds started to close in from the south.
i was up early this morning
tying in woolly threads
to finish my baby sized afghan.
i am pleased with it
feel happy to give it to my friend
for her grandbaby.
this is about the limit of my ability in crocheting...
especially at a moment's notice
but another friend who popped in this afternoon
has a book of 101 crochet stitches to lend me
so hopefully i can learn a bit more.
the rest of the day
was filled with another knitting start
fetching a few groceries.
our diet has been woeful in the last week or so...
filled with quick meals
and hardly a green leaf in sight.
it was time to rectify this awful situation
get a variety of salad veges,
some lovely olives and other seasonal goodies.
do you ever go through periods
where laziness prevails and the dinner table suffers?
{or is it just me?}
oh, well...cheers to you my good friends...
you are an inspiration to me!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol this blanket is really beautiful and you crocheted it so quickly, much quicker than I could ever crochet a blanket even a baby one. Your friend is so lucky to have you make such a beautiful gift to give to her grand daughter:) I hope you enjoy your sunday, have a very Happy Mother's Day. xx

  2. Oh yes...sometimes I think if I didn't have such a great hubby dinner times would be woeful. You have done a super job of the blanket. Xx

  3. The blanket is stunning. Such a pretty colour scheme.
    Some weeks our dinners are a bit woeful. the motivation to cook just isn't there. so when I am in a cooking mood I try to make double or triple batches of meals and freeze for later on.

  4. Between my recent baby garland and this delicious blanket, we have the babes covered! Very lucky grand baby! x

  5. Lovely! Your friend will be so pleased! Jillxx

  6. What a pretty blanket.
    And yes dinners are lacking in green here too...comfort food is needed at the moment!

  7. That is such a pretty blanket ... I'm sure it will be cherished :)

    I've been terribly lazy about meals lately ... but the big weight loss diet starts the week after next and I shall have to try a lot harder!

  8. It's so pretty and girly. I am sure it will become the favorite blanket of all. :)

  9. So lovely! A very lucky friend you have. xx

  10. I'm so glad you got it done! Happy Sunday xx

  11. So gorgeous and it looks so soft, I'm sure it is going to be so treasured. I still have some crocheted baby blankets my Aunt made my kids in the same pattern you've done, all the more treasured because my Aunt is losing her eyesight now and they were the nicest baby things I had at that time.

  12. Very sweet and pretty....I can just imagine a sweet little baby girl all snuggled up in this soft blanket!
    Helen x

  13. Really nice Carol you have made a wonderful job of this lovely blanket, and I like your choice of colours.
    best wishes Julie.C

  14. What a lovely gift for your friend to give her granddaughter...I can imagine that little girl all snuggled up in it too!

  15. Wishing I was a knitter or crocheter! Lovely!

  16. Gorgeous blanket Carol - great work!


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