Thursday, July 21, 2011

Modern Retro...

good afternoon!

i'm joining up at

with a modern retro cushion i've made today...

in my creative space.

olive, lime, burnt orange, crimson, white and pale grey...

exploding like fireworks on the pale aqua background!

white bobbles...

a black grossgrain tag with embroidered daisies...
as i learned recently
'daisy' means 'eye of the day'!

white buttons on red...
the back.

i love the geometry of this cushion
with it's explosive mix of colour
and crisp symmetrical form...

ordered and chaotic.

i'm looking forward to row upon row of handmade creative goodness
now as i go and wend my way through
everybody's creative spaces.

i've got 'madmen series 4' waiting for my undivided attention later,
fellow bloggers to enjoy now
and  i soaked in a few rays while having a cuppa with a friend earlier
on this truly terrific thursday!

i hope you're doing something truly terrific today too...

naturally Carol xox

ps...available in my 'madeit' store..button right hand side...


  1. Gorgeous cushion! Love the color! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. It looks lovely & especially love the bubbles on the edge!

  3. fabulous cushions Carol! the small pompoms such cute details!

  4. I love those explosive colours. Great cushion!

  5. Carol, i love what you have done!! especially the pretty little daisies!!
    Laura xxx

  6. I love the fabric you have used, and the pompom edging is the perfect finishing touch

  7. Wow, Carol, I love that fabric! That cushion would be a perfect match with some of the retro things I have found in the summerhouse.
    Have a nice day!

  8. nice cushion, i love the little touches. well done, very special indeed!

  9. It looks fabulous Carol :) So many nice touches... it's just wonderful.

  10. Gorgeous cushion, Carol! I love tiny pom pom trims like that. Lots of lovely things to look forward to, so have a happy day!
    Helen x

  11. Yes, fireworks - that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it! Beautiful fabric, which wouldn't look out of place at Christmas time either....and of course I love the pom pom detail!

  12. More lovely work Carol - love the little tag. So cute :)

  13. This one is my favorite so far!! THe colors are just so beautiful. This would look good in my bedroom. :)

  14. Very explosive cushion Carol... and almost a little psychedelic! I like it very much. And that tag with the daisies is divine. I always love the little details like that. Gorgeous! :o)

  15. Beautiful cushion. Love the tag with the daisies!

  16. what an amazing pillow. Well done. It would look great sitting on a chair or couch around New Years Eve.

  17. Gorgeous! We are most impressed with our Naturally Carol cushion. You are very clever.

  18. Hi, Carol! I immediately thought fireworks when I saw the fabric, too :) Love the daisies on the tag.

  19. what a gorgeous cushion!!! love the daisy tag too.

  20. Oh I love it! Am planning a cushion upgrade as we speak and I am so excited to have found you...{and from qld!} going to settle in for a while and have a look around. thanks for sharing! Feel free to come and visit me over at x

  21. What a lovely pillow! I love the stitching on the ribbon--it keeps getting better! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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