Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almost Orla...

hi there!

it always amazes me that
you can go for days and months
with very little change in your life

one day
and there it is
a significant day of change.

today is a significant day in this household.

sharrie got a visa so she can work and get medical attention in australia.

i contacted my first born's in laws to be..and arranged a date to meet them with mr w.

and there are a couple of less significant events
just making themselves known today
and yet have to work themselves out.

change upon change
life works it's changes in and around us.

 it has been time for a little bit of creativity as well..
two cushions.

i have nicknamed these
as my 'almost orla's'
'cos this fabric is a variation on
orla kiely's signature leafy vine type design.

this is the back of the 45cm cushion..
{the larger cushion}


this is the back of the smaller cushion
{40 cm or 16"}

i got an award too, today...
i'll tell you about it tomorrow and
pass it on.

i'm joining up with some creative friends

on this conspicuous thursday!

naturally Carol xox

p.s..these two are in my 'madeit' shop too!


  1. Life is a bit like that isn't it?

    Loving those cushions Carol, it has inspired me to make some.

    Oh and congrats on your award :)


  2. hello Carole,'

    goed job.
    I like te print very match

    hugs Conny

  3. Beautiful fabrics - and I love the buttons too!

  4. Lovely cushions! Good luck with all the changes going on in your life :)

  5. They're nice, I love the fabric. Very Orla, like you say! Thanks for the bday wishes, Carol x

  6. I marvel at change too Carol and how it comes about and often happens all at once. Change can be wonderful and difficult all at the same time.
    I am loving these new cushions, gorgeous colours and the leaf design is so pretty too! xo

  7. I just love your fabrics!!! They are so wonderful!

  8. Hi lovely Carol, just beautiful as always... you never fail to amaze me!!! isnt it funny, one day can make enormous changes that affect the lives of so many people... you just never know. But sending my love to you!! Laura xxx

  9. Yay!! Exciting stuff.

    Hope you're enjoying the week!

    Pretty fabric. =)

  10. I love your name for these cushions, Carol :) Beautiful fabric.


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