Friday, July 8, 2011

Short 'n' Sweet!

good afternoon!

it's warm enough outside,
the sun is shining
but there's a cold breeze biting
and my fingers are freezing
and keep tripping over one another...
i think i need a pair of those fingerless gloves,
the keyboard keeps sucking the warmth out of them..brrr!

at least i was sitting in the sunshine
when i was sewing earlier...
so my brain didn't freeze..hehe!

this apron's short 'n' sweet..
kind of 'curly pops' colours i think!

mostly my aprons have length for long peeps
but this ones for the shorties.

there's a pocket there somewhere
and a teatowel loop as well...

and a delicious bit of white ricrac trimming the waistband!

light and summery
this fine cotton
was flouncing on the cool breeze...

sporting a hem trim purchased from 'beach vintage'!

the waistband is trimmer for the slightly slimmer
but the ties are just as long as ever...

in fact i think you could tie several kids
on to your apron strings with these!!

after taking these pics
i went around to the sunny side of the house
caught sight of these...

they are miniature chrysanthemums...
small 'n' sweet,
and just the right shade of pink
to match my apron!

i'm wishing you all
a sunshiney weekend with
warm hands
warm hearts...

naturally Carol xox

ps..this one's into the 'madeit' shop too...just in case someone petite
wants an apron short 'n' sweet!


  1. Sweet apron! Love the fabric.

  2. How lovely! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. It's so very pretty Carol. And I know what you mean about the cold. I think it's colder inside this house than outside! xx

  4. Beautiful! Totally up my alley.

  5. I love seeing your crafty creations... I keep telling myself one day I will get that sewing machine I dream of... have a great weekend Carol. x

  6. Just lovely Carol. I have to go outside of the house to thaw out!

    Have a great weekend.
    Pam x

  7. Carol lovely apron and lovely post,you have a great weekend also

  8. What happy pretty colours Carol. Your apron is gorgeous, I love what you have done at the hem. And I love the light in your flower shot. Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. A gorgeous post Carol. That apron is way too delightful to use... I couldn't bear to get mess on it. It's more of an accessory for an outfit in my opinion. Beautiful coloured chrysanthemums, I don't think I've seen ones quite so rich and dark in colour. Have a lovely weekend Carol :o)

  10. hi Carol,
    such a lovely pretty skirt!..those are my colors! want to jump in:)and the miniature chrysanthemums is simply your place here, glad that I found you;)

  11. I love your aprons! Both are beautiful.

  12. So pretty, sweet and fresh and love the trims!

  13. The fabric you used on your pretty little apron really does match the mums in your yard! Lovely!!!

  14. You already made so many lovely aprons, but this one is absolutely the best. I love these flowers and your finishing is perfect.
    Have a great weekend,

  15. gorgeous carol, loving the trims, you always add so many lovely little accents to your designs., so clever! Glad that you are able to feel a little sunshine, its just terribly cold here and I am not enjoying it one little bit!! bring on the summer i say!!
    Laura xx

  16. Happy Weekend!
    Cute apron ;)

  17. Dear Carol

    your cold little hands have been busy. the apron is so sweet. the apron is such a practical piece of attire.

    sunshine and happiness to you



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