Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunshiney Yellow Happiness All The Way!

good afternoon..

i just had to pop this one in the post...


cadel evans
 the 'tour de france'

a winning smile...

thumbs up for the winning ride...

all that sunshiney yellow happiness
for the winner!

congratulations cadel!

thanks to cate @ 'keep cate busy' for
her inspiring use of the term 'sunshiney yellow'
on her blogpost yesterday...

i really do think that happiness
is always
'sunshiney yellow'!

wishing you all a 'sunshiney yellow' day of happiness today!

naturally Carol xox


  1. How great did Cadel do?? Another great aussie to celebrate..xx

  2. Wishing you a "sunshiney" week ahead too...with some catchup early nights after much cycling watching.

  3. Good on him! What an achievement! X

  4. So happy for Cadel and his team. He's worked so hard for this victory and it was wonderful to watch it become a reality.

    Hope you have a 'sunshiny yellow' week.

  5. We have been following the race on tv!
    xo Cathy

  6. I agree Carol, nothing better than sunshiney yellow! It lifts the spirits and brightens the mood. So proud of Cadel, he's a star :o)

  7. As a half-Aussie, I was so proud too!!! it is a wonderful moment for Australia. Lovely and fitting tribute Carol.


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