Monday, July 18, 2011

A Summer Swinging Quartet!

good afternoon...

i thought i was going to have a quiet restful day yesterday
but how wrong can you be!

a family came over after church
with two little babies,
one their own...
master j was nine months old
miss j was borrowed
and nearly a year old.

in a house full of adults
the dogs freaked out
and had to be hidden..
'cos after they freaked
the kids did too!

we fed and entertained them
with bowls of cereal..porridge for one, weetbix for the other..
then the best baby toys were brought out..
a pink whisk, a little plastic drainer basket, a scraper
a plastic tape measure.

it doesn't take long to forget
how tiring babies make you
when yours have all grown up...

today i'm in recovery.

kudos to all mums and grandmas out there!

i've just managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing
and complete the quartet of summery swinging cushions...

this time i've made them all the same size
so they can sit in a row and look neat.

i have made sure
that none of them are like the other set of three
i made from this fabric..
so they are still totally unique.


the newest one...

sitting fresh and pretty
with her white buttoned
and red contrasting back.

if you're at home with your babies today
i take my proverbial hat off to you...
i've rediscovered
that it's hard yakka!

naturally Carol xox

ps..all available in my 'madeit' store..button link top right hand side of this page!


  1. Your cushions are always so beautiful. And yes, little ones are very tiring!! xx

  2. These cushions cheer me up after a really hard day at work!

  3. Just found your blog! Love your cushions :) Totally agree with your choice of best baby toys (my sons all time favourite was a plastic drainer spoon!). I'll be back :D

  4. Babies are so exhausting... how ever did we do it?! I love the rosey cushion! What a perfect set! X

  5. Such a pretty quartet!! I also love that little pompom below!

    Babies are exhausting, but those are definitely the best baby toys!!

  6. Where do you fit all these gorgeous things you create?

  7. A gorgeous set indeed Carol, superb work!
    Yes, babies are extremely tiring. But you have done your time, you deserve to take it easy and do exactly what you enjoy doing now... thank goodness you can just hand them back ;o) I take my hat off to all the mum's and nana's who raised all of us who are starting families now!

  8. I work with children, so I know how they can wear a person out by the end of the day. You were brave to take on two at once! :-)

  9. Gorgeous as always, Carol. I hear that you forget how tiring babies can be. That's hard for me to imagine at this stage!

    Gill xo

  10. Had a chuckle - even I have forgotten how tiring babies are and mine are barely grown up! I think we block out the horror!! x

  11. Lovely cushions, Carol. "Rosey" is fab. Children can be really tiring, so much fun, but...:)

  12. Hello Carol,

    Our bicycle cushion arrived in the mail this morning! It is adorable....even more so in real life!

    Oh my, I think I may be developing an obsession with your cushions. Popping over to madeit to browse your store again...eeek!

    Thanks again!

    p.s - little Blossom adored the wrapping and having fun opening our parcel. xoxo

  13. beautiful. they are bright, floral and modern all at the same time! xo m.

  14. Thanks your new header,"pinks"!!
    Have a peace FILLED week dear one!

  15. These cushions are gorgeous! They look lovely together.
    Yes, babies are exhausting, you have 5 children, so you must have been tired when they were little! Good to know you forget, but wait till you become a Nanny/Nanna one day, so exciting (and exhausting)


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