Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caz..I Haven't Counted My Cushions!

hi there!

i'm putting together another set of 'england swings'..
i'll be busy with these for the next few days.

this one's bigger this time


has white bobbles!


i'll show you more tomorrow...

until then

it's a good day

for jelly bellys!

my favorite jelly belly
coconut + pineapple = pinacolada
i love

what are your favourites?

what don't you like?
{the dark green ones
whatever they are???}

hoping you warming up this wednesday!

naturally Carol xox

p.s..dear Caz..i still can't get through to comment on your blog..that one time i think i tricked the was a fluke! i haven't counted my cushions but it is an interesting thought and i think i will..just not today.


  1. Jelly beans! Yum! Am working with Terri in her studio this afternoon and of course had to have a quick look to see what my big sis is up to! Wonderful cushions as usual. I love the quirky pom pom trim. Hope you're having a great week. Very stormy and blustery over here in NZ ..rained out of my gardening this morning...
    Love Jillxxx

  2. I love the little white pom pom trim on these! What's your favorite color/flavor of jelly bean?

  3. I'm freezing today Carol and now I feel like some jelly beans.Have a cosy day..xx

  4. It's another freezing day here but jelly beans would sure chase the blues away :)
    I love the cushions you make.


  5. I love the white bobbles. I love all of your creations.

  6. I can't stand this cold. Yesterday I slept almost all day and last night and still feel tired..
    Your doing well though. Good on you. !! xx

  7. jelly bellys ... those can be addictive.

  8. Cushions are lovely Carol. Wouldn't mind a jelly belly.
    Pam x

  9. Always love your taste in fabric, you have a lovely style that shows through your blog. I'm now following :) xx Ava

  10. Jelly Bellys - great idea! I could use some of those right now. Love the cushions too!

  11. Oooo dark green are watermelon I think! I actually like those. I LOVE Jelly Belly's... Pina colada is one of my faves too Carol :o)
    I also like green apple (bright green). The speckled white and yellow (popcorn) and white (coconut)... can't half tell I've had my share of them in the past ;o)
    Loving your newest cushion, so crisp and beautiful... blue and white looks stunning together xo

  12. I don't dare start eating jellybeans because I'll never stop if I do. Carol this nautical colour is a great one. So fresh and clean lined isn't it?

  13. Oh you are such a lovely lady!! Nevermind about not commenting on my blog. I'll still be popping over the check out your treasures - they make me smile! No idea why you can't comment on my wordpress blog!! Let me know when you've counted - I think there must be rather a lot by now .... you are the cushion queen :O)

  14. Ah, I've been gone too long! It's been pretty busy, so I'm really happy to catch up on your posts. I just love the scooters and bikes!! What fun and whimsical fabric. My boy loves the bobbles on this one--what a sweet touch. =) Blessings!


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!