Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hi Chai!

good evening!

the other day
while trawling the supermarket shelves
i came across

for about five bucks
it's magic.

this chai elixir
makes chai lattes
just like the professional ones
with the right mix
of spices...
exactly the way a chai latte should taste.

all you do
is heat up milk in the cup
{using your microwave..not more than 2 mins}
and add 15mls..a tablespoon
and stir.


i am grateful for cold days
to enjoy chai lattes in..
relief to my coughing and spluttering
and making me warm inside.

soon enough up here in queensland,
the days will be too warm to enjoy hot drinks
and i'll be looking for elixirs
to make up ice cold drinks i suppose!

so i'll make the most of the icy weather
to enjoy my newfound mate..
and a few weeks more of chai lattes
cappucinos and italian hot chocs to come.

i'm partying with 'maxabella' tonight...

naturally Carol xox form of payment was offered or accepted in recommending this was purely my own supermarket discovery that prompted such chai love!


  1. So glad I'm not the only one! I too share your love of this liquid gold. I must recommend a milk warmer/frother (a certain discount supermarket chain had them cheap lately) for that truly authentic chai latte experience. Enjoy :)

  2. Sounds so lovely!! Right now it is in the 100's here so cold night with a great hot drink sounds so dreamy. Drink one for me!

  3. Chai is my favorite drink all year long no matter what the temp! Tastes great iced too!
    xo Cathy

  4. Oh this sounds absolutely lovely Carol. Amazing to think of the warmer weather coming back so soon, but you're right, we really don't experience 'true' Winter's in our parts of the world. I think the climate in Queensland is even more suited to me than here in Sydney. I do love the warmth :o)
    Happy Weekend to you and thank you so much for your kind words on my blog xo

  5. This sounds really delicious. Even in the summer!

  6. I've never had a chai latte...I am a traditional tea drinker and love a good hot choc....hope you are feeling better?

  7. Yum, that looks (and sounds) delicious. I'll have to check to see if my supermarket has some too :)

  8. I adore a chai tea. Yummy!

    Happy Weekend Carol xoxox

  9. Looks delish Carol. I too love a good chai. Might have to try this one out. Thanks for the heads up lovely lady :O)

  10. Oh yum! Will have to look out for that one at the supermarket.

  11. Oh I do hope you are feeling better soon! In the meantime, enjoy your Chai. :)
    Thanks for your prayers for the boys, too. I am exhauseted this morning, but the sun is shining, and J is up to eating something simple :)
    S xo


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