Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dreams or Memories?

good afternoon!

you know the thought occurred to me recently
that what is a dream for some
is a memory for others...

and right at this very moment
somebody's dream is becoming a reality...
and then may just be a memory.

how strange is that?

what set me off on that chain of thoughts?
i was sewing this apron...

the fabric has little globes and cuckoo clocks
and words like 'destination', 'airplane' and 'exploring'
and names of countries...

a bit of gypsy glitter on the pocket,
and a tea towel loop.

long ties make a grand bow
or are long enough to tie around the front!

does this apron remind you of the travel you've done...
the dreams that you have
tucked away in your heart?

dreams of...

exploring the amazon in south america..
{being attacked by piranhas..
sorry, that would be my nightmare!}

or memories...

of safaris and sunsets
in africa?

i've remembered that this is 'my creative space'
i'm joining in with 'kootoyoo'!

naturally Carol xox

ps...dreaming...this apron can be yours from my 'madeit' shop...button, top, right hand side!


  1. What a gorgeous apron! The perfect way to promote happy memories! That material is lovely! So is your world globe! x

  2. Isn't travelling great? As well in real as in your dreams, and an apron like that makes you dream about travelling while cooking!

  3. It's very lovely! I have always wanted to travel but with four kiddos now I don't see that happening any time soon. ;)

  4. What a delightful apron, love the big bow at the back. I also love that beautiful led light door in the top photo... that really took my eye!
    I have dreams to travel one day, most definitely. I have only ever travelled within Australia, which is fabulous, but there are so many places I'd love to see yet.

  5. Great apron to bring up memories of our travels! I'd bring the ties around and tie it in front for me.
    xo Cathy

  6. A really nice apron and a good choice of fabric, if i looked at that it would make me dream of places I had not been to.
    best wishes Julie.C

    p.s. thank you carol for your kind comments, so much better now. x

  7. Very lovely fabric indeed! The apron looks fab!

  8. aaawh, how cool! love the fabric! It really gets me off on travelplans, I'm having a little road trip in two weeks and so antsypants about it! :o)

  9. Oh my!- that apron is so cool, Carol. Love the fabric.
    Haha, attacked by piranhas, what a nightmare. Visit Norway, no piranahs, just cute hedgehogs:))

  10. What a wonderful apron. It does bring back lots of joyful memories. Thanks

  11. Lovely apron! Love the loop for the tea towel, great touch.

    I haven't travelled much (I have seen a lot of Australia, being an army wife) but I have plans to take my Soldier and go on a trip somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere for our tenth wedding anniversary. We had better get saving on that, only two years away!

  12. I'd love that an apron as a skirt and I'd wear it all summer (whenever that may ever roll around again).

    Beautiful, Carol.

  13. What fantastic material....and you have done a great job turning it into something special.

  14. Very profound thoughts, Carol. I love the apron. I fabric is so interesting.


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