Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grateful for...


let me explain myself,
{after i lock kara up for being loud and barking madly in the back yard!}

well, that's done.

this morning, being sunday and all
i went to church.
i normally go to the early {8.30 am} service,
just 'cos i love being up early in the morning
and it's so pretty there.

well it's so pretty there that i've wanted to take some pics for a while,
just to show you all the beautiful country views...

a view of the dam from chatz cafe at 8.20am this morning...

the mist in the trees just above the dam...

the cafe is built on to the side of the church hall,
which is right next to the school.
this row of trees is on the side of the playing fields
next to the dam...

i just love a good row of trees
this is a good row of trees!

after i took the photos of the trees and the dam
i took this walking up the hill to the cafe again.

the rest of the cafe pics i'll show you tomorrow.

now you're probably wondering why i said i was grateful for 'ownership'.

when i first got to church
before the photo taking,
i thought i'd better ask permission
so i sought out pastor george
to ask him.

when i asked him
he said
'carol, you belong here..
so it's your church,
you don't have to ask!'

i said i kinda knew that
but wanted to make sure it was ok...
but you know
it's a good feeling to belong
and to be accepted
and be secure with a group of people.

have you a group of people
around that believe what you believe
and make you feel warm and secure
and looked after and comfortable...
in a place you all 'own' together
and are responsible for the well being of each other?

i really, really hope so!

i'm going to show you more of the cafe tomorrow
'cos it's where i love to have coffee
especially on tuesdays after the early morning prayer meeting
when it's even earlier than today
and the frost still sparkles like a million diamonds
on the oval outside
and the mist is still in the trees and in the distant hills.

i just want to say...
my heart goes out to the norwegian people today

over the tragedy of so many lives lost yesterday.
we grieve with you.

naturally Carol xox

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  1. That's such a beautiful thing to be grateful for. A community and a real sense of being accepted and belonging is so important for all humans. So lovely you have found that :-)
    hope you're having a lovely weekend

  2. Hello Carol,

    wonderful photos.I love the natur in Australien Queensland i lovit!

    I wil read sooo match bad my engels ist so smal.

    hugs Conny

  3. This type of "ownership" is really special and not shared by all. Lucky that you've been blessed this way. And how wonderful to be living in such a beautiful city. It looks so fresh I can almost smell it.

  4. Love Wendy's WorldJuly 24, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    Hello Carol

    I just wanted to pop over and thank you so very much for visiting my blog. My abundance today is finding you, a new friend.

    I can see here you too have so much beauty around you, what a lovely comment from your pastor. Although we know where we feel secure, there’s something special when someone takes the time to tell you.

    I must say you have a really lovely blog so while I’m here I going to get to know you a little better and take a look around, I have joined your friends list already, I hope you come back and visit me often.

    Always Wendy

  5. To belong somewhere is so essential to our wellbeing isn't it. And I agree, a good row of trees is kinda important too :)

  6. What a gorgeous place! Looks like perfect weather too! Happy week! X

  7. Oh, Carol, this post just radiates peacefulness - thanks for sharing your morning with us! J x

  8. I second everything you posted about today....what a beautiful property your church has.

  9. Beautiful pictures and words Carol.

    Belonging is everything.



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