Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Creative Space...

good morning!

while you're munching on your morning tea...

or maybe catching a late night snack,

just thought i'd brighten up your day

with a little more of 'england swings'...

i have no more of these two fabrics..
so their won't be any least for a while,

that's the beauty of handmade...

no two are exactly the same.

but i do have a couple more to go
in this series!

last night
we got back to basics.

it seems like ages
since we had snags and steamed veges

{sausages..beef, pork and plum = snags}
{mashed pumpkin with steamed zucchini, carrots & broccoli = veges}

then i made
homemade custard
stewed apples
for dessert

i deliberately made extra apples
so i could have them with my porridge this morning..mmm!

that chased those winter blues away!

i'm linkin' up with 'kootoyoo'

why don't you come along
and see what everybody's been up too?

p.s...what did you have for dinner last night?

naturally Carol xox


  1. The cushions are lovely! The food sounds soo yummy, save some for me. ;)

  2. MMMMM you're making me hungry (for me it would be a midnight snack). I wonder are your stewed apples like fried apples? I love friend apples! What did we have for supper?--- fresh corn on the cob --- love it!

  3. Gorgeous cushions, Carol. Love the apple pics, too :)

  4. YUMMY! I'm coming to your house for dinner! My favorite jelly beans are the red (cherry), yellow (lemon), orange (orange) and black (licorice). If the green is lime, I love it too. But if it's apple, nope.

  5. I'm loving that custardy apple notion. And you know how I feel about pom poms on everything...

  6. That red print is gorgeous and who can go past a bowl of apples and custard!


  7. Love that pink and red fabric. Gorgeous!

  8. I remember my mum making stewed apples and her own custard....yummy in winter.

  9. I love those cushions, that colour combo is my fav! I also wish I was there for dinner! Yum! X

  10. I love your England swings cushions, such bold colour. Your dinner sounds yummy! We had pasta drizzled with California olive oil & garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil from the Garden. I love summer cooking.
    You just reminded me to add apples to my oats!

  11. Carol, love the pom poms!! did you find them a bit tricky and the corners? I did... never did them again even though i love them!
    pork and plum sausages sound yum!! might have to keep an eye out for some of those!!
    hugs and love, Laura xx

  12. Loving the red 'England Swings', bright and happy :o)
    They are such beautiful creations Carol.

  13. Gorgeous cushions, love the red of course but I do like a pom pom too!!

    Pathetic though this may seem but I can't actually remember what we had for dinner last night but I have a pan on the stove to cook pasta and then I'll rifle through the fridge to use up what's there. Sausages, peppers, chard, yellow courgettes - stuff like that! x

  14. Those cushions look terrific together. Love your back to basic cooking. We had steamed veggies last night too - felt really good for it! xx

  15. Love the red fabric! :) It's just such happy looking fabric.
    For dinner last night we had home made saussage rolls (pecan, rolled oats & cheese base) and steamed vegies. Tonight was curry. Have to have something to chase the winter chills away!!! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Love S&R xo


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