Saturday, July 16, 2011

Showing My Gratitude For...

other people's inspiring ideas!

good morning.

these were this morning's efforts so far!

who pom bombed her bare winter tree
in her front yard
with colourful pompoms...


a couple of months ago
i was truly inspired by dorien's home town
whose knitters made
little caps and scarves for their town bridge...
wrapping up all the little posts on the bridge
so they wouldn't get cold..hehe..

dorien also makes the best bicycle skirts..
they have to be seen to be believed!


just now
i was reading lisbeth's blog
{lisbeth @ lisbethsinlilleverden}
she told me how she
has put a vintage typewriter on a little table
with pretty paper in it
all her visitors
write her pretty little notes...
which she will keep in
a pretty folder


don't you get encouraged
by other bloggers?

i do


i am grateful



wanna be inspired by other bloggers today?

see you there!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol, we have the same door knobs on our study door. Ours are painted over in a clotted cream though...yours look better in white.
    And your pom poms rock!! xx

  2. I love Blog Land and all the wonderful folks I meet and great ideas. Be Blessed Carol and I am inspired and blessed by you!

  3. Yes, there are so many inspiring bloggers out there Carol. Thanks for reminding us all to keep finding them!

  4. I've been pom pommning as well AND I've been making enough for the magnolia tree out the front. (The ceramic hearts I made out of air-dry clay last year melted in the rain - der, of course they did!) I can't believe my thunder has been stolen!

    Ah well. x

  5. We just had our local craft festival and there were handmade pom poms everywhere all over town. Added so much colour and the kids just loved them.

  6. that's so lovely and i totally agree what you say about finding inspiration from other bloggers. your blog is beautiful. i popped over from maxabella and hope you don't mind another follower! x

  7. What great ideas! I agree - blogland is a fantastic source of inspiration! Love the pom poms!!

  8. Brilliant! I adore all those ideas.
    Blogging is so fabulous for the left of centre ideas.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration Carol. Just adore the pom pom post.
    Pam x

  10. HOORAY! You pom pom starlet, you! (they're looking very swisho in their multicoloured-ness)...

  11. What a lovely post! I am always inspired by other bloggers - I live for it! I make endless lists of all things I want to make...but never seem to get around to :-)
    have a great weekend

  12. This is lovely, Carol. You're one of the bloggers who inspire me constantly with your creations. I just love your pompom decor.

  13. very cute pom poms....Made them in school:):) but I have forgotten:P...

    From Grateful for :) Aakriti

  14. That is sweet! Enjoy the beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  15. Such a lovely post Carol. I think you articulate what we often feel as bloggers. If it weren't for all of you, sometimes I wouldn't have the motivation to pursue a project, clean a dusty corner or wander out into the garden to snip a few buds for a vase. Have a great week and thanks again xx

  16. Love those pom poms! I am constantly inspired by my bloggy friends! It is one of the best bits about blogging, along with meeting and sharing life with gorgeous people like you! X

  17. Lovely pom poms - and a lovely photo of them too. I agree, blogging and meeting fellow bloggers is so inspiring...all those creative people we would never otherwise have 'met' without blogland! Have a lovely day, Carol and thanks for a thoughtful post.
    Helen x

  18. Isn't the blogging community wonderful?

    I love those pompoms Carol! I must remember this at Christmas time, they'd look super cute strung together as a garland.

    Thanks for visiting my blog this week.

  19. Oh indeed I do Carol! Love the inspiration I find within these pages and I'm grateful for that every day! gxo


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