Monday, July 4, 2011

England Swings!

good afternoon!

i can't say i've rushed to complete these,
but today they're done.

as soon as i spied this fabric collection..and
this isn't the half of it,
i loved it.

i loved the jazzy name that rebekah merkle called it,
"england swings"
and i loved the seemingly eclectic look of it,
different styles and colours
all vying for attention!

a georgeous trio...
comprising of two 40cm or 16" cushions
and one 45cm or 18" square cushion.

 in threes or pairs..or standing alone,
they work!

little red bobbles flip flop across the seam at the top!

i must admit
i would love to see a real english summer garden
with blooms of rich colour
and the deep emerald green foliage
and soft grassy knolls.

i think i would enjoy
the history and formality of england
of course,
a few mad englishmen
out in the midday sun!

but i will have to dream of england a little longer
satisfy myself with 'england swings'
perhaps a few english comedies this winter
or a bit of  'back to the country' on tv.

at least after a foggy morning
the sun has warmed us all today...
and there are plenty of kids about
enjoying their holidays.

naturally Carol xox

p.s..these are swinging have been my madeit right hand side of this page!


  1. oh i just love the pop of color from each one!! just beautiful

  2. Gorgeous! I love each of them the pom poms on the edge especially.

  3. Love the colour combos with this lot!

  4. So beautiful colours Carol... very lovely
    Visit me whenever you can

  5. Great colours - and those bobbles are a lovely touch!

  6. Gorgeous Carol. I think I may need to purchase one of these.


  7. Beautiful cushions, as ever. Not many blooms of rich colour in our garden though!

  8. Love them!! Especially the pinky/red one with those great little pom poms!

  9. Thanks for your comment...I love your blog! Now following of course!

  10. They do have a very eclectic look, don't they? I love them, Carol. Bright and cheery :)

  11. This actually shows that matchy matchy is not needed is it? I like the way the different colours seem to bounce off each other.

  12. Lovely bright colours! They go well together...

    Need a bit of brightness this time of year :)

  13. Hi Carol! I love English gardens and countryside and would love to go there around by car! Your beautiful flower pillows remind their rosy gardens! Have a great week! xxx Teje

  14. Lovely cushions! The colors are too pretty! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  15. They look gorgeous Carol!
    Enough to brighten up anybody's day.
    So pretty and festive and fun.
    I bet they fly out of your shop.

  16. I love love love these cushions! What gorgeous fabrics! Soooo English! Pretty pretties! X

  17. dearest Carol, the cushions are gorgeous. Bold use of colour that I think the Brits do well. Popping up to your shop to ponder.

  18. I love your bright and beautiful cushions! What a great name for the fabrics. We had some very bright roses in deep cerise but they are over now sadly. Have a great week, Carol.
    Helen x
    PS Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - the flower garland on my potting shed is made from paper and I bought it - I will probably give it to my daughter for Daisy's room!

  19. Ohhh I love these so much! Well done :)

  20. Oooo they are exquisite Carol, gorgeous patterns and colours.
    The english attraction as I like to think of it is why I am enjoying Downton Abbey so much, the homes, the gardens, the pomp! ;o)


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