Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Sunshine!

good morning sunshine!
{that's you!}

yesterday 'lovestitch'
bestowed upon me a

sunshine award...thankyou!

{by the way..'lovestitch' has a fabulous crochet blog..
she is extremely talented}

i have decided to break the rules
'cos i want you to take this award
if you feel you have a sunshiney blog!

just comment below that you are taking it if you feel you want it..
and the first 10 people to take it and comment can have it.

if you don't want to take the award
feel free to comment anyway.

i have decided to pass it on this way
'cos quite a few don't like awards
and quite a few get all the awards
and some people who should have one never get one
i often forget people who i should award
'cos they deserve it.

so be honest.

if you want it
and feel that your blog is somewhat sunshiney
and inspirational

take's free to the first ten who want it!

a few things i love...

warm sunshine
georgeous flowers
gentle rain
my family & friends
very frothy cappuccinos
banana bread
kind strangers

i mean it bold and take deserve it!

take your own destiny into your hands this friday...
and have a fabulous weekend too.

naturally Carol xox life there is no room for false modesty...when something is offered, and many things are offered freely in this life..don't stand back..but grab them with both hands and make them your own..just don't forget to pass the blessings on..because it is true..freely you receive so freely give!


  1. Very sweet, Carol and you definitely deserve it too! x

  2. your space is overflowing with sunshiny joy Carol.

    Thank you for your heart warming comments on mine.


  3. Oh you are so deserving of this Carol...I love your list :)
    Wishing you a sunshiney weekend.


  4. Oh Carol. I'm *so* delighted to see you recognised this way. You are such a cheery soul and constantly encouraging and supportive. Your comment on my last post has touched me deeply. Thankyou. And keep on keeping on here! J x

  5. Love your awards philosophy. Congratulations to you. Here's to lots of sunshine!

  6. Oh thank you Carol for your sweet words on my blog... That's really heart-warming words!
    Have a sunshine weekend!!!
    Love and hugs, xo

  7. What a lovely idea ... you're spreading the sunshine in the nicest possible way, just as always Carol. Here's wishing you a sun filled weekend x

  8. Congratulations Carol, you are a ray of sunshine so you must be positively glowing now!

    Have a wonderful weekend x

  9. You are one of my most sunshiny favorites! You deserve to be recognized for your bright sunny outlook! Happy weekend to you! Hugs! X

  10. Congrats lovely - well deserved!

  11. Well done you! And what a great list! Happy Friday!

  12. I haven't known you very long but I know and feel what a beautiful person you are inside and out, I remember the sunshine I felt when you first joined my sisterhood and your kind words you left. Been only new to blogging I feel so blessed to have this kindness shown towards me.

    You deserve it very much xoxo

    Always Wendy

  13. You and your blog are like sunshine Carol, it's a perfect description and a fitting award :o)
    Loving your list too! If the world was made up of all those things exclusively, I think it would be a very happy place xo

  14. Couldn't think of anyoned deserving a sunshine award more. Congratulations. I love the way you want to pass the award on. I wish you and all of your readers lots of sunshine!

  15. Dear Carol, 'You are the Sunshine' (I'm trying to sing here)! You deserve this award - Congratulations! and your thoughts about the award are so sweet! We all need Sunshine (even now I have it a little bit too much)!
    Have a wonderful time!
    xxx Teje

  16. What a lovely way of sharing an award!

    Andrea x

  17. Hi Carol, congratulations! Your words on your blog and to others are always full of sunshine!
    Love from Terri and Jill

  18. Carol... You are pure sunshine! Thank you for being my friend. GOD BLESS. With love and care from Kerrie. xOx


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!