Monday, August 1, 2011

I Woke Up & It Was August!

good morning!

this is just how it seems this morning...
the year here started with a flood,
dashed through to autumn,
the winter is flying by
here we are in august...
it's nearly spring!

they say time flies when you're having fun..
and i really think the older you get the faster time goes..
or seems to anyway..hehe!

i made these in july..
on saturday -
but i think they celebrate august
and are a little foretaste of spring.

blue skies and golden days ahead...

miss b left me the little yellow stool
when she went to canada...
and she's still there
so the yellow stool is still here!

the fabric is more of the 'england swings' range
i think i love every fabric in this selection...
they are 'happy colours'

don't mind getting mixed up together!

in august i'm looking forward to
bunches of daffodils
crisp mornings and blue sky days
meeting mr s's future in-laws
pleasures that are at this moment unknown...

and celebrating my first year of blogging at the end of the month..
there will be a giveaway...

if you've noticed
i've nearly 200 followers
so there will be a giveaway to celebrate that when if we get there as well..
and i have a special idea for that!

what are you especially looking forward to in august?

{apart from it being the last month of winter!}

naturally Carol xox

p.s..yes these are available in my madeit shop!..thank you for asking.


  1. G'day Mate - Happy August! Ooh, I love EVERY single cushion you make. And that's a great photo of the set of three (three's a magic number) of the lounge. They look fab-u-lous together!!! Have a great week. GOD BLESS. Love to you! Kerrie

  2. What lovely cousions! I think everytihng you make turns out so beautiful and couldn't be anything else.

  3. August 1 is my Dad's birthday but I'll have to wait until tonight to contact him as he's gadding around the globe with my Mum OS at the moment.

    This month heralds more of the glorious weather that we're enjoying today, crafty pursuits, the downswing into swing, blossoms and more beach time - all good as far as I'm concerned.

    xx F

    PS: Am loving your sunshine seat [ie: your 'borrowed stool']

    PPS: The blue and white cushion with the tassels is my fave

    PPPS: So happy you have almost 200 followers = yey!

  4. So strange for me to read about winter/spring right now when it's so hot and sunny here! Another lovely cushion, Carol. I'm looking forward to a short vacation in August :)

  5. GORGEOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSS.Really Carol stunning i can almost smell spring! Hehe how right seems as im now older no longer in my 20s the years have flown buy.But I have learnt to embrace every moment.I love all of them but the flower one i just love the beautiful fabric and colors.Im looking forward to beautiful days ,bbq and camping.oh bliss ♥
    Bless and Hugs

  6. lovely cushions Carol! Just stunning! I love August. Today is my eldest childs 8th Birthday. On the 31st I celebrate 9 years of marriage. I like watching the season starting to change and knowing that spring is just around the corner!


  7. Awesome as always! I like what I can see of the little yellow stool, especially with the flowered pillow!

  8. Hi Carol,
    I am a LEO so another birthday month for me!
    Congrats on your year bloggy anniversary. Love popping by and seeing what you are up to.
    xo Sue
    Have a great August!

  9. Time flies! Hope you have a great August!

  10. What a beautiful selection of cushions for Spring - I love them all!

  11. Your pillows all look wonderful! Looks like there will be a lot of milestones to celebrate very soon! Changes coming in August, as the kids will both be off again. I'm NOT looking forward to them leaving. I really miss them when they are gone. After a while I will adjust and begin to enjoy the peace and quiet.

  12. Hello Carol!
    That is so true, the older you get the faster time goes... Love your pillows, great colors.

  13. Oh what a beautiful post Carol! Such a fitting one to start of August... one of my favourite months of the year :o)
    Those cushions are delightful, the splash of yellow just makes me smile.
    YAY! Almost 200 followers, that is awesome... you will get there, I am guessing even before you reach your 1st anniversary of blogging! xo

  14. Gorgeous cushions! I love the happy orange colour and the flowers! They make a perfect set too! X

  15. Love, love, love the cushions.

    August ... I'm looking forward to the end of the summer (being on the other side of the planet). I'd happily skip August and go straight to autumn, my favourite season! But I shouldn't wish my life away ... maybe August has good things in store. Hope they do for you :)

  16. great lot of cushions Carol i love the one with the rose

  17. This year is certainly flying by!! We have some exciting things to look forward to this month so I have been hanging out for August one to arrive :)
    Love the floral cushion Carol, it's gorgeous.

  18. Oh, I feel the same way. I can't believe it's August already. Next month is the start of the "-ber" months where we start celebrating Christmas in our country already. It sounds ridiculous but it is true!

  19. Oh Carol, your cushions are so beautiful! I love them all! Yes, time flies so fast, July came just yesterday, and today it's gone!
    Hope your August is wonderful! :)
    Love and hugs,
    Lovestitch, x

  20. Oh, Carol, you are so clever. Seriously. They are so cheery and Spring-like, I agree. And bravo you for nearly hitting the big two-oh-oh club! Exciting times. J x

  21. Pretty! Congratulations on the almost-200 mark!!! yay!

  22. Happy August to you Carol! I love your delightful cushion fabrics - they look great together. The yellow colourways look very fresh and the little yellow stool is lovely too.
    Enjoy your week!
    Helen x

  23. Isn't the year just flying by indeed! I can't believe it! Even more reason to make the most of every moment. I love your cushions...especially the orange and yellow floral. Gorgeous! Bring on Spring xx

  24. You mean you tailored the pillow covers!!!?! Awesome work man! Loved the print and the color.
    Am I Creative?
    Do you have the ability to generate new ideas, use imagination and make new decision?

  25. Just love all those colours! Especially that colourful floral one - beautiful.
    I too thought the year was going quickly - but now I know it is because even my kids commented on it the other day (and I thought time always went more slowly for them??)
    Spring will be here before we know it :-)

  26. These fabrics are gorgeous! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  27. How gorgeous they are! I wish I had 'more house' and I would hire you as my decorator!


  28. I agree the fabric yet again is to die for!


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