Thursday, August 18, 2011


good afternoon!

the weather hasn't improved...

just like my gorgeous friend kim commented...

a moment of introspection
it's a good idea
to think some good positives

get on with it!

so after getting out of the house today
enjoying a delicious kebab for lunch
with mr t for company...

 i came home
 decided on a little project just for fun
made "spot"!


was made from cath kidston's book 'sew!'
{he is otherwise known as the stanley toy}

i always wanted a dog called 'spot'..hehe!

i think i was meant to attach the ears after the body was sewn up..
but i didn't
so his ears stood up on end!

i had to put a few stitches behind his ears
to make them flat...
he's the only one in the family whose had plastic surgery.

here he is again...

just hanging around the kitchen,

like most dogs.

just pop over to 'kootoyoo'
for other crafty fun!

i hope your thursday turns into fun...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Oh Carol, I love Spot he is just perfect!!

  2. He's definitely a keeper!! Glad you found something to do to lift your spirits.

  3. I know a toddler who would flip for this dog spot! Very cute!

  4. I LOVE him!
    He's the most gorgeous colours and the bias gives him a certain personality.

    He looks very happy hanging in front of your red and white china Carol.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  5. I love Spot and I love this post, SO SO cute :o) What a fun creation Carol, you're so clever. We had two spotty dogs (dalmatians) when I was growing up and I've been in love with spotty dogs ever since.
    Sounds like you certainly made the best of a humdrum day. I had a kebab the other day too, they are so tasty! xo

  6. TA DA! There's nothing like a dog to bring boundless happiness and love to your world - well done you:)

  7. Wow I wish I could just whip up something like that in an afternoon, just love him and his ears.

    Always Wendy

  8. He is so cute...I am sure he will brighten your space up every time you spy him...What a great something different to have a go at.

  9. Ok, that's cute!!! I love the colours and everything about it.

  10. Lovely! Spot is a ray of sunshine! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  11. I love SPOT! And your bird pillows are darling!

  12. What a sweet little "Spot" you have there!!! (And your dishes are SO pretty! ;-)

  13. Spot is such an adorable creation! You chose such a lovely colour fabric and trim for your dog, he looks wonderful! There's nothing like a bit of crafting to cheer the heart...that's what I always find anyhow. Hope you have a happy weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  14. I think spot looks great I like the colour you choose to.

  15. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  16. Such a cute little spot Carol!

  17. That is the cutest spotty dog I've ever seen! Love the ric rac edges!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  18. Spot is ace! I especially love his ears and ric rac edging!

  19. He's adorable Carol! The ric rac is perfect and you have found the perfect spot for him.

  20. i think that ric rac trim makes him extra unique -very cute.

  21. Spot is just beautiful Carol! His shape reminds me of the shape of one of m favourite softies as a kid, Scottie. Same shape as spot, but with a grey tartan fabric, hence the name Scottie.
    I love Cath Kidson too! I bought that book for my MIL for mothers day. I also have her recipe holder book.


  22. Spot is so super cute, Carol! I love the polka dots. Adorable!


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