Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slow Cookin' Sunday...

hi there!

it has been a four-in-one season day today..
in fact the morning started off foggy,
then the sun came out and warmed us all up,
but that was followed by black clouds
and at the moment its raining!

i went to church this morning..
this always starts the day off just right ..for me.
at church i got talking to a young woman
with a baby about casseroles..and
only just having made one myself last week
that i enjoyed i offered to show her how.

mrs z, her husband mr d and baby j
are word game addicts and had been puzzling over a few missing answers
to their puzzles,
so we worked them out together over a cuppa
at my house.

then we got working in the kitchen
creating this slow cooker casserole...
pretty much the basic formula.

well now, dinner is made,
company enjoyed,
time for a movie
play time with the dogs...

and that's a good slow cooked sunday...

gratefully enjoyed!

{pop over to maxabellas for some more grateful...}

naturally Carol xox


  1. Mmmm lovely!

    I am having tea cooked for me tonight (roast chicken and veg)by hubby. it is lovely to have a night off...

    Absolutely glorious day here today with 24 degrees :)

  2. Hi Carol, great that you could share your culinary expertise! Jill and I both picked up some rosemary and garlic pizza bases from the market yesterday. Jill made one last night for her dinner and I made one tonight for Ms C and I with all our favorite toppings - yummy - just like your casserole looks!
    All the best, love T :)

  3. Loving the idea of a slow cooked Sunday! And your comment re. a slow cooked life over at Maxabella's :D

  4. Enjoy your meal! It looks scrummy! Happy weekend! X

  5. Bliss!

    My parents have just returned home this afternoon [to your home town as it turns out!] after over two months gadding about the globe.
    They had a lovely welcome from their wonderful neighbours with home cooking and fresh flowers filling their home.

    There are some truly fabulous people in your town Carol - you are definitely amongst them.

    xx Felicity

  6. Slow cookin' is the word, Carol. I love my CrockPot (it's an original - the red one. I think it's over 30 years old which is actually quite a worry when you think about the fact that I leave it on all day while I'm out... hmmmm....) x

  7. Yummo! One of these days I'm actually going to invest in a slow cooker.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day overall! I love to cook with mt slow cooker too, easy peasy meals.

  9. Oh Carol, I am with you here. My slowcooker has become my most beloved piece of equipment in the kitchen this Winter. I personally don't eat the meals cooked in it (as I'm not a big red meat eater) but hubby and the boys LOVE it. It is so easy and fuss free, so we're all happy :o)
    Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing Sunday xo

  10. What a lovely way to spend the day..sharing of skills is so important to helping them stay alive and well.

  11. I think at one point today (during the sunny 25 degree winter part of the day) I felt a pang of sadness about the prospect that I will soon have to pack my crock pot away...I love my slow cooker...sometimes I feel like hugging it.

    Your friend will probably want to name her slow cooker after you once she discovers how fantastic they are when you are a busy mum with a little one.

  12. Mmmm yummy! I love slow cooked casseroles, so delicious! How kind you are to help your friend out. Making meals like this is so practical and healthy too. Hope you enjoyed certainly looked delicious.
    Have a lovely week, Carol.
    Helen x

  13. yummy! I adore our slow cooker. Perfect in winter for those yummy hearty meals. I just noticed in all of my busy last week I missed your lovely give away Carol....sigh.


  14. looks delicious! hope you are feeling better this week :)

  15. Yummm!!!! The slow cooker is definitely my favorite thing to use!


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