Monday, August 22, 2011

The Afternoon...

good morning!

on saturday afternoon..
after 'the lunch',
which finished at nearly three...
we crossed the road
and headed for the beach.

noosa beach
is a beautifully calm sheltered beach,
great for swimming
or walking along.

mr w and i
strolled and sat
and talked.

this is some of what we saw...

and by the way,
we had an encounter
of the famous kind!

we were sitting at a table in the food court
about half an hour before we were due to go to 'the lunch'...
mr w needed a drink..coke zero...not rum and coke...
mr kevin rudd
{australia's current foreign minister
& ex prime minister}
just appeared in front of us,
walking through with two of his kids.

i looked up
saw him and my eyes just locked with his for a second
while i recognised who he was...
then he lifted his hand and gave a bit of  a wave
and said 'hi, how are you?'
we just nodded
and he walked past
as another table crowded with youths
yelled out to him..'hello, mr rudd'.

he looked healthy and his white hair shone,
he wore his customary blue shirt and cream chinos...
he was taller than i had expected
and had more of a presence about him
than i thought he would have.

in fact
he looked just as though
he had stepped out of my tv
into my real life...
then back out!

isn't life

naturally Carol xox


  1. Wow, you never know what will happen in day!

  2. Beautiful beach shots Carol..xx

  3. How lovely to be by the sea side, relaxing with the one you love...Mr w - not K Rudd!

  4. Those are beautiful pictures! What a glorious way to spend the afternoon--and a close encounter, too! ;-)

  5. Noosa beach looks stunning! What a spooky coincidence! Mind you where else in the world could be better! X

  6. What a stunning coast...I am always amazed by the beautiful beaches here.


  7. What a glorious afternoon you had, the pics are beautiful Carol. It is funny when you see famous people in real life. It really brings it down to earth that they are just people and do the same every day things as the rest of us. I'm sure you could get used to days like this one very easily :o) xo

  8. Don't you just love Noosa? How funny about Kevin? I'm more impressed that the youths actually yelled out hello to him.


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