Wednesday, August 17, 2011



today i feel like the weather looks!


yesterday was glorious..warm skies.

today there was blue sky and black thunderclouds bobbing around!


i know just what that feels like.

inside i'm restless...
i want to make something different
but i'm just not sure where to start
what to start with.

some areas of my life feel like this


i feel like a glass half empty girl!

but you know that ain't half bad.
sometimes i even like to be a 'glass fully empty' girl..
just so that i can examine the glass
of my life
and see what it really is.

am i genuine?
do i truly believe in what i'm doing?
have i integrity in what i'm doing?
do i need to change anything in my life right now?
am i moving into a new season?
or need a tweak here and there?
or just take a nanna nap from the usual?

oh, yes...
sometimes i am an introspective soul!

that's how i get to know myself.

i can allow myself to be filled up again...
and refreshed
and enjoy 
 all those things that make life full and abundant
and amazing!

are you ever restless?

do you feel that you know yourself well?

do you like what you see..on the inside?

just pondering...

naturally Carol xox


  1. The weather is pretty miserable today. We've finished our jobs and now I'm having some much needed blog therapy. Ahhh...feel better already. xx

  2. I know I'm pretty introspective, but I'm pretty much a glass half full kinda gal ... I don't think the two are incompatible. There's a fair bit in my life I'd like to change just now, but little opportunity to change it. Luckily though there's a whole lot more I wouldn't change for the world. Hope the sun comes out and your glass fills up real soon Carol x

  3. I am making huge changes in my life right now, i'm exhausted & had to, so stay tuned as i feel like i have many loose ends, parts of my world have been unravelling so i'm fixing them one at a time & looking at the bigger picture, even a year ahead looks amazing, love Posie

  4. Yes I know what you mean, I can be restless some days, the weather plays a big part to I think.
    You open those curtains in the morning and if it's a bright sunny day you feel full of the joys, and I guess if it is a bit dull you may feel a little glum. But once I have my morning cuppa and with the radio on, I am ready for what ever the day throws at me.
    best wishes Julie.C

  5. I'm truly a glass half empty sort of person ... and I can be very introspective which can be a good and a bad thing. Andy is a completely full glass kind of a guy - always positive and doesn't spend too much time on worrying about things. Together we balance out nicely ... but when he's away for long periods on business life isn't so sunny and i have to be careful not to forget to live life (which when the weather is pants is easy to do).

  6. And fabulous questions to ponder Carol. I think about each of them quite regularly actually. Usually I come up with the same answer... I'm just human.
    Ooo I am loving those gorgeous threads... a bit excited to see what you might make of them :o) xo

  7. Love this are totally right about examining our self and doing what we always do just because. I hope you enjoy the journey to finding your new rhythm.

  8. Good ponderings! Introspection is a good thing.

  9. Good morning Carol! Right there with you sister!!!

    Praying for you

  10. Well said Carol...I think it's good to regularly reassess where we are at and what we are doing, it helps us grow.
    There is much happening in our lives at the moment that is giving me much food for thought and I am feeling very restless by it.


  11. Was this post for me or what......yesterday I was half I filled up the rest of the glass.....and watched a little Don Draper....all better. just joking!

  12. such serious thoughts. it's good to look inward from time to time although i think we need to look upward right after that too. :)

  13. Spring is a truly wonderful season. The weather never knows what it's doing: wild and woolly one moment and warm and sunny the next. New growth is all around us as nature goes wild. I think that works on us too - how can we not be affected? I too am restless at the moment and being quite introspective: time for a little self-renovation and renewal! (Hence the changes in my blog) Go with the flow, Carol - you never know what you'll find!

  14. Great post Carol ... as I too get restless ... often! I think that I need to think about this one a little bit more!

  15. Oh Carol, You are one of the most beautiful people I know. I am proud to be counted as friend. So fill that glass right up..
    Love Crystal xx


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