Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Mine!

good morning..haha! it's just turned into afternoon!

it was such a fresh sunny morning out there
that before sitting down
i just had to peg the washing out on the line to dry
and do a bit more cleaning and sorting.

at the end of winter here in australia
i find the light changes
and all those corners that looked ok in the dimness of winterlight
look musty and dusty in springlight
and need a thorough going over!

yesterday, however,
i made up the second fabric that i bought
in the ty pennington range.

i made two luxury size cushions...
for my house.
these won't be going on madeit!

they will eventually be on the black leather couch

but the light was better here for pictures this morning...

birds & butterflies...
first cushion.

this was the best of the pics on the black couch...
notice all the light at the top of the cushion.

i think they'll look good here though.

birds & butterflies
second cushion...

both backs are very similar...
teamed with plain black kona quilting fabric
and black buttons.

i embroidered different flowery tags in shades of coppery orange
to emphasise the lovely tangerine flowers on the fabric.

stacked on the chinese chest...
 another angle.

i thought i might make up the other more geometric fabric
in a pair of smaller cushions to go with these
on the black couch.

i don't know whether they'll happen straight away though!

any more sunshine
and it'll be more spring cleaning
on my list do do first.

i hope all of you
on the eastern u.s.a coast
are ok after hurricane irene....

and all those around the phillipines
and taiwan
and places in between
are ok too after the typhoon.

stay safe and have a good monday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. I can understand Carol why you are keeping these the fabric is stunning and they look great,well done

  2. Carol, those look really nice! I think they go really well with the leather sofa and the oriental carved chest.

  3. Love the fabric, Carol! And it's good to hear that you made them for yourself for a change.

  4. Oh Carol. You know those birds and butterflies have me swooning! The fabric wouldn't come in blue and/or green, by any chance, would it? J x

  5. Carol those cushions are just STUNNING! I must say, I am loving the transition into Spring too! We are having a glorious day of sunshine, And I've managed to get out 4 loads of washing! Just having a pause before I change all the bed linen. And tomorrow, I will get the sewing machine out....exciting! Hope there aren't too many cobwebs to dust off!


  6. Good for you doing some sewing for yourself....I always seem to only give myself the rejects or trial things....the cushions look great.

  7. Hey Carol! Love the colours and love the design of those cushions! Happy week! X

  8. I love the graphic design on your two beautiful new pillows, so stylish. They do look great photographed against the painted wood, and will look lovely on your black couch too.
    Have a great week, Carol.
    Helen x

  9. I'm not surprised you're keeping thses ones for yourself - they are lovely. And I love the little hand stitched tags:)

  10. Lovely work Carol. I also felt that stirring of Spring today and noticed all the extra dust in the house. It's certainly getting warmer...

  11. Super smart cushions oh Queen-of-all-things-cushiony* :D

    I suddenly had a thought: 'I wonder if Carol knows just how many cushions she has made, ever?' !

    *And who I wish was in the UK 'cos buying cushions from across the world does seem a trifle extravagent however lovely they are!

  12. Good to see you keeping some of your lovely cushions!! xx

  13. lovely fabric. have a great day!

  14. how thoughtful! Typhoon in the Phils is gone now. Glad my family was not affected.

  15. Hiya Carol, We know what its like to have floods,so I pray all is well for the people on the U.S. east coast.
    What a lovely sunny day we had and I felt my best yet. I called you but no one was at home? then my phone had static and wouldn't work..Ray plays golf on Wednesday if that suits with you?? Let me know?
    Love to see you. Crystal xx

  16. Hey Carol! Love the pillows! That fabric is beautiful. We made it through Irene okay, we were very fortunate.

  17. Oh Carol, these are beautiful, I love them! That first pic is my favourite. I can totally understand you wanting to hold onto these for yourself, good work :o)
    Yes, there is definitely something about the sunshine and light that inspires me to clean and shine everything up too! xo

  18. These pillows look great - the backs look so good they can be turned and mixed with the fronts to make matching sets!
    xo Cathy

  19. These were just waiting to be shown off on your black couch, the fabric is so good. A matching set too it.
    best wishes Julie.C

  20. Wonderful choice of fabrics. And the sewing and craftsmanship is exceptional. I am so jealous of your talent.

  21. Wonderful cushions again; but the best part are the little embroidered tags. Those are stunning.

  22. These are beautiful! Loving these prints! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  23. LOVE THEM! I also love seeing a peek into your own personal style! Enjoy the sunshine today!!!

    Take care


  24. So lovely...your creations are always just beautiful!


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!