Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Do You Think?

good afternoon!

i went into last night
redid my header.

i'm coming up to a year old here
on the 31st...
so thought i'd do a new look to celebrate...

what do you think?

i hope you'll still find a friend here!

just a few last pics from noosa...

i'm totally in love with the sea
the colours
the dance of the waves on the beach
the sounds they make.

the boardwalk...

i almost took pics of peoples' legs
as they walked past..but thought maybe i shouldn't.

snippets of conversations
as they walked past
often amused us....

a late afternoon cappucino
we were unwittingly
observers of this wedding photo shoot
before the party was rained on
they ran off to get shelter!

and no.. i didn't take photos 
of the cushion today..
so will have to show you tomorrow...
i apologise for my slackness.

have a lovely relaxing evening!

naturally Carol xox 


  1. I love the header!! What a gorgeous photo of the waves.

    I completely missed my blog anniversary - that was sometime when we were moving earlier this year. Now you've put the idea into my head, maybe I'll have a go at changing the look and feel of my blog ... especially as I can't sew right now! Thanks for your comments by the way!!

  2. just lovely carol!!! And a year! congratulations!! it goes so quickly, doesnt it? will be christmas before we know it!!
    Laura xx

  3. Your new header is gorgeous! I love that natural beachy vibe! I enjoyed those shots of Noosa, i love it there! ... Wow Carol, a year! .......Doesn't time fly! X

  4. Your new header and background is gorgeous Carol :)


  5. New header looks great it and the natural feel!


  6. I love the header!! All your photos are so lovely. The relaxing sounds wonderful too, I'll have to try it some time.

  7. the new banner is lovely! I am longing to see some waves like that soon. Hoping you have a beautiful day, and we're not worried, you'll get back to those cushions soon enough :)

  8. Well, Miss Carol...This is what I think...I love your new header! I can almost hear the crash of the wave and smell that sweet ocean scent. I am so happy you had such a lovely time in noosa! It looks like an amazing place and the sweet little girl is just too cute.

    Enjoy your evening my friend!


  9. I love your new header - I always love pictures of the sea, especially with crashing waves, and this is a lovely one!
    Have a happy day, Carol!
    Helen x

  10. LOVE the new header and background! Very pretty and soothing. =)

  11. Gorgeous pics Carol and as I said before, LOVE your new look. Gorgeous :o) xo

  12. Lovely, relaxing holiday photos, they made me smile. Because my holiday is coming up soon, too!


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