Monday, August 8, 2011

A Gift...

good morning!

at seven o'clock this morning
i went to let the dogs outside
and saw this amazing rainbow!

rainbows are a reminder of a promise kept...

and my promise to you..
my followers,
was to host a giveaway
when you reached 200 strong.

so as a heartfelt thank you
to all of you,
who at the moment number 201...

here is how we are going to play
my giveaway game....

this is for my followers exclusively...

go to my 'madeit' site....

and pick out your two favourite items,
then make a comment on this post.

the random number generator will pick out

2 winners

who will win

2 items each, the same or similar, to those items you've picked out!

this giveaway will close sometime on friday 12th august
and i will notify the winners by email
and on this blog.

enjoy yourselves..
i hope you find something you like.

you are my pot of gold...

thank you so much for your friendship
your care and concern
your loyalty
for being your delightful, insightful, creative selves!

all followers
new and older
...good luck!

have a marvellous monday ...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Double rainbows = yippeee!!!

    I love the capture of light in the first and third photos particularly Carol & thank you for teaching me the line about rainbows being a reminder of a promise kept.

    Your giveaway is [like you] very generous and I would be beyond thrilled to showcase 'England Swings' in blue in my bedroom and 'Retro Mod Aqua' in my study - they are bobbliciously beautiful.

    Happy day Lovely You & how wonderful that 200+ people are regularly making their way to your fabulous space for some natural wisdom, friendship and inspiration.

    xx Felicity

  2. Congratulations on 200 followers--your blog truly is a place of happiness, inspiration, and joy! I would have to say my two favorite pillows (though it was hard to narrow down!) were 'Blue Geo on Baby Blue' and 'Island Girl'. I love the soothing colors :) Thanks so much for another great giveaway, and have a fantastic day.

  3. Carol, I love rainbows too! Just beautiful!

    And how lovely of you to offer a giveaway too! I have just moved house and realise that I need some lovely cushions with blue on them. I actually thought about you and your fabulous cushions on Sunday as I was setting up my new living area.

    After browsing your lovely collection on made it, I would love Tea Party Blue and England Swings Blue.

    Have a great day,


  4. That sort of wake up can only bode well for the week, I would reckon.

    Cannot believe the generosity of your giveaway! A lover of anything aproned, the Short and Sweet is the bees-iest of knees, as is the cushioned Swinging Rosie...

  5. PS. Ahem. How was I not already doing the 'following' thang????

  6. Hi Carol! I just love your blog and all your cushions. My favorite has got to be Scooting 'n' is just adorable! And my second favorite is the Tea Party Blue. Congrats on 200 followers!

  7. Congratulations on reaching the 200-plus mark. Well-deserved as you always bring joy to your followers with each blog post.

  8. Hi Carol, Thanks for all your fun posts and pics. Also for coming along to visit my little blog. Congrats on your 201 now 203! Fantastic work! Your made it store is full of lovely goodies. I just love the pair of Purple Paisley
    Cushions. So beautiful and made with love and care. Have a special week.
    xo Sue

  9. Carol those rainbows are absolutely beautiful, I love capturing them on camera.
    Congrats on reaching 200, I love your swinging rosie and roses on baby blue!!


  10. Hi Carol.How great you saw this rainbow. I hope it can give you a bit of extra strength now. Congratulations on your 200+ followers. But then it is such a pleasure to visit you. I can send the saying at the end of your post right back at you.
    Of course I would like a chance to win your give-away. My favourite items in your shop are the 'short 'n' Sweet Apron', and the 'Punctuation' pillows.
    Have a great day!!

  11. Hi Carol! Had to rush in to see your rainbow - it`s a beauty!:) Congrats on your 200 followers!

  12. Congratulations Carol on 200 followers. Your amazing designs, wonderful words and inspiring blog make it easy to follow along. What a generous giveaway! My favourites of your gorgeous cushions are Retro Mod Aquatic and Deer Valley. Thankyou for sharing Carol... keep creating, keep inspiring x

  13. Oh I love rainbows and these pics are gorgeous Carol! What a way to wake up in the morning, having this at your doorstep. You are so sweet to run this giveaway, a truly awesome prize. I love all of your beautiful cushions, but I am most drawn to Tea party blue and England swings blue 2. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to own these lovely creations xo

  14. Congratulations on 200!! How very exciting!

    Those pictures are incredible. What a lovely view of promises kept.

    I don't know if your giveaway is world-wide or not, but if so, I have a friend that would fit "Island Girl" perfectly! I'd love to share it with her. Another favorite is "Scooting and Scarves." All your creations are incredible, so it's hard to choose!

    Blessings! Keep getting better!

  15. Not just one rainbow, but if you look closely there's a double one there. The top one is always fainter and you can also notice it as the sky between the two rainbows is usually darker.
    Now I'll wander over to you madeit shop in a mo, but first I must apologise....I thought that I was already a follower, but it appears not. (Actually on closer inspection, I seem to not be following quite a few blogs that I read...don't know what's going on there?
    Congrat on 200+ followers.

  16. Hi, me again... How do you choose two favourite things from your madeit site - they're all lovely. Anyhow, I love the punctuation red, blue black and the England swings blue.

  17. congrats on 200 followers!!! aint rainbows just gorgeous!! pure beauty!

    I like scootin in scarves think its very pretty and love the frill! I also love ....gosh so hard they all pretty think looking um Fruit cocktail i think its pretty cool i love the colors.

  18. Carol, i really love the two roses cushions!! the baby blue and the swinging roses!! you know me, the girlier the better!!! would love to be in your giveaway! love the pics of the rainbows... you know, they are special to me ever since i lost my sam. well, actually, only a few years after i had a moment (too long a story!) and now, whenever i see a big full rainbow in a certain place, i have lovely warm thoughts ! The simplest things bring the most joy, dont they?! Hope you are having a wonderful day and i really am glad that you are healthy and happy and sewing up a storm!!
    hugs, Laura xx

  19. How clever that One should make a rainbow just appear to remind us of all the goodness we have going on in our lives...i am so glad you are Ok....
    My new bed is screaming the paisley purple.
    Have a wonderful week.

  20. Very lovely photos! It's been a whike since I have a rainbow.I love the England swings red & blue but everything is just wonderful!

  21. Rainbows in the morning, great. Enjoy your little verse type blog. Have picked Swinging Rosie cover and the Mini Apron (great for my granddaughter). Have the best day.

  22. What a beautiful rainbow, and what a generous giveaway! I love "Scooting 'n' Scarves" and "Spice".

  23. Hi Carol, this is such a generous giveaway and a very difficult choice to make too. After about half an hour (!), I think I would plump for the 'vine on grey' cushion and the 'short n sweet' apron.

    Have a wonderful summer. Kate x


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