Thursday, September 1, 2011

Missed It!

well wouldn't you know it...

yesterday was my blogs first birthday
and i missed it...
not due to my own lack of diligence though,
my computer wouldn't function.

it wouldn't even turn itself on for me...
well, i pressed the 'on' button but there was no response,
just a little flicker from the monitor,
that was all.

fortunately we have at least one computer savvy person
in this household...
and mr t took a look
got me another video card
& we are again.
{though i think the colour needs a bit of adjustment!}

i did a bit of crocheting this morning....

it's the first time in ages that
i've even felt like doing some...
then i just had the urge to create something in green and cream.

i don't quite know what it's going to turn into yet either...
but while the urge lasts i'm going with it!

i'm still going to have a giveaway for my first blog birthday
but as 'madeit' is having problems
i will delay that and let you know when that will be.

i took part in a 'pay it forward' exercise
and being one of the first three commenters
on shez's blog... 'enjoying life'
she sent me a beautiful black bag that she made!

...thanks shez!
i love it!

it is soft and textured,
fully lined with pockets inside for keeping keys or other knick-knacky things...
i'm thinking it will be perfect for taking out in the evening.

now it is my turn to pay it forward.

the first three people who say they would like me to make them
something just for them...
will get something during the next year...
yes you have a whole year to pay it forward...
then when you receive something from me,
it's your turn to pay it forward
to three people on your blog!

if you want to play..then just say it
with a comment!
if you don't say specifically that you want in
then I won't take it that way...ok?

sounds like fun doesn't it!

see you over at 'our creative spaces'!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol, that does sound like fun. I would love you to make something for me.

  2. Happy Bloggy Birthday Carol!

    I'm so pleased that you took your first step into Blogland in August 2010 because it has meant that I've been able to enjoy your interactions and marvel at your creative talent.

    Happy day Lovely!

    xx Felicity

  3. happy bloggy birthday Carol and i am so glad that you like the bag

  4. Dear Carol, Happy 1st Birthday to your blog. Heres cheers to aoter 100! X x

  5. Happy Blogaversary Carol...Nice to have some Crocheting as a Diversion..

  6. Wow Happy first blog Carol! Can't wait to see what you make.

    Always Wendy

  7. Hi Carol, I love those colours! Found via Creative Spaces - hope you can crochet some for the Bunting Swap!!!!! (details on my blog) xx Rach

  8. Happy bloggy birthday! I love the colours you chose to crochet... I wish I could master that craft! X

  9. congrats on making a year! what an accomplishment!

    Love your blog. just happened to stumble across it. that bag is so cute :)

    ps im your newest follower. follow me as well?

  10. Can I join your Pay It Forward.. or am I too late???

  11. Happy blog birthday!! I feel like I have been reading your blog for more than a year!!

  12. Happy first birthday Carol! (don't worry, I missed mine too). Look forward to see what you crochet!

  13. happy bloggy birthday!

  14. Happy 1st blogaversary Carol! I have some crocheted squares like that someone made for me to wash dishes - they work like a charm!
    xo Cathy

  15. Happy Blogaversary, Carol!! Never mind that you couldn't blog on the day, well done for blogging for a whole year! I'd like you to make something for me please..not sure if I'm too late to enter though! I loved seeing your crochet, lovely colours! Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  16. Happy blogiversary Carol!! I forgot mine this year ;)
    Loving your crochet - I can see it as a big blanket if you keep going :)
    Here's to another great year. Kx

  17. Wowee! Happy blogiversary Carol...I adore coming back to this lovely spot you have created, browsing through your madeit shop and getting gorgeous cushions in the mail.

    Love the crochet and look forward to seeing it progress!

    Happy Weekend Carol....x

  18. Well happy 1st blogoversary to you, dear Carol! You are such a talent - I'm always impressed at your creativity. J x

  19. Happy anniversary, Carol! <3 Glad to be part of your community.

  20. Happy birthday to your blog!!!! I love my visits here to see all the pretty things you make.

  21. Happy Blog Birthday Carol, and thankyou, too, for your lovely comments over at my place. A year is a great milestone. It must feel so good!

  22. Happy Belated Blog Birthday, Carol! Congrats on one year :)


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