Monday, September 26, 2011

Freedom Garden...

good afternoon!

it's been a beautiful day here
and what is better
is that i feel free.

yesterday my thoughts were tying me up in knots
and making decisions seemed impossible...
i felt like the father in 'fiddler on the roof'.

i should do this...
on the other hand...

etc etc etc.

then my amazing little sister rang me
and the advice she gave just freed me up...
i think she knows me better than most
and she told me just how i was thinking
and where i was screwed up!

boy was i screwing things up...
i was like a large knot.

so even though i cut these out on saturday,
i couldn't sew them
'cos i wanted happy thoughts
to be in my head while i

sunday they just sat there
then this morning i was happy!

have i sorted everything?

not really..'cos this one's a journey.

but now there is hope.

now i am thinking about the freedom i do have
to make choices...

not what i should do
but what i could do
it's my choice...

i can choose anything!

are you feeling boxed in today?

by circumstances...
or the people around you?

it's your choice...

what kind of person do you want to be?

{in your heart of hearts}

people perish without a vision

that's true!

start to build a picture of who you want to be
from the inside out...

it's your choice.

today will be the day you choose to be who and what you want to be...

so will tomorrow....

and the next day!


naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol - glad to see you are feeling sunshiny today and seem determined to manage your clouds :) I love your cushions, especially the circle motifs. Can you tell me what it is? It would be perfect for a quilt I'm hoping to make by the Material Obsession Girls.

  2. Hi Carol

    I so love these thoughts. Yes I was feeling very boxed in today. Feeling very old and wrinkly and inadequate. It is not good to compare is it?

    In my heart of hearts I do know who I am, the genuiine article. Someitmes it takes someone who knows you so well to remind you.

    much love

  3. Your bright and vibrant cushions are such happy ones, Carol! and I love the little yellow painted chair there too. I hope your knotty problems are less troublesome today, and your choices are easy ones to make. Have a good week.
    Helen x

  4. Hoping you've freed those knots, your cushions are certainly happy, cheerful ones so I'm sure sewing them together uplifted you. Keep smiling Carol and have a lovely week.
    Kate x

  5. Great's to you enjoying the next part of your journey.

  6. Fabulous words of advice Carol, so wisely put. It's wonderful having someone in your life who just 'knows' where you're at and how best to guide you. Your little sis sounds like a gem.
    Loving those beautiful cushion creations that sprung from your happy mood Carol :o) xo

  7. Lovely cushions! I love the brightness of this design. And thank you for your words of wisdom. Maybe it was your sister who helped you; you payed it forward!

  8. Love the cushions AND the optimism!! Have a GREAT day, Carol!

  9. Beautiful cushions and inspiring words... just what I needed to hear at this moment...Thankyou xx Ava

  10. The mind is so very powerful, I think we can forget that especially in our difficult times. I hope you continue on a happy journey. The cushion reflect a happy side they look great. Chin up! Cheers SpecialK

  11. Dear Carol, lovely post!
    These pillows are just adorable! This fabric is 'WOW' - I really love it!
    Have a wonderful time!
    xxx Teje

  12. Gorgeous! Love that beautiful print! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  13. That is a very happy, pretty print! I hope you have made your big decisions and can feel good about your choices, sometimes our path is not very clear.... we just have to have faith!! Hugs! X

  14. Gorgeous post and gorgeous cushions, Carol! Love it!

  15. Carol, I just love these cushions! They make me feel so happy and spring like! bring on the sunshine and spring weather I say!

  16. So very true, Carol. I am hopeless at decisions - mainly because there are just so many to make these days! I try to not worry about the choices I make int the little decisions and focus on the big, important ones. You are right - it is always a choice. I choose always to be happy wherever possible. x

  17. PS - I love your new water-theme. x

  18. How profound, Carol. "People perish without a vision"... i love that! Great post. And your cushion is pretty snazzy, too :) I love the bold fabric. Hope you are well over in your corner of the world.

  19. Right. Time to find me a vision then! (joy cushions, you have there, C).

  20. Simply beautiful...nice decorations and words!

  21. Your cushions are lovely nice and bright which helps I feel when we work with rich colours.
    It dose not always have the remedy but it can help how you feel, I can relate to your post Carol thank you for sharing.
    best wishes Julie.C

  22. I love your newest cushions, especially set up on that cheerful yellow bench :) I had a day just like that not too long ago, I should have sewn a new cushion to make myself feel better! Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. So happy your thoughts are more serene it’s not easy freeing our minds when we feel torn inside, glad your strength and sister helped you through it.

    Love the cushions bright and cheery and sown with happy thoughts

    Always Wendy

  24. Absolutely gorgeous cushions - I LOVE the fabric... and I loved your post too - I've just read it today and it really was well timed, I've been in a rut all morning (make that for weeks and weeks now) and it's so easy to forget that it's all a choice... the hard thing is sometimes making the choices you know need to be made and the turmoil the delay can cause! Thanks always for the lovely posts - I haven't stopped by in a while (see aforementioned 'rut') but am so glad I did today.


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