Monday, September 5, 2011

Clean Corners!

good morning!

over the last week or so
i have had a rare rush of desire..
probably brought on by springlike signs...
to clean up some corners
in my house.

over winter a hibernating urge
usually overtakes me to some extent
and my corners become creepy with dust and debris
and general neglect...
so when the light changes in the spring
all of a sudden those corners
look very dreary indeed.

these are a couple of corners
i've focussed on in the last few days....

this little corner at the end of the kitchen bench
was overrun by dust and cobwebs
random bits of paper with recipes scrawled out upon them
and then tossed aside...
dusty books and dusty tins.

all is organised with my coffee making bits,
{coffee machine donated by my eldest son upon moving to taiwan!}
chopping boards neatly lined up
and my sweet blue blender ready for action!

this is the newly organised home of my fabrics...
it beats a plastic box on the floor...

kind of colour sorted...
not to the nth degree yet!

some of my eclectic collection of china and glass!

a few of my favourite artglass items...

isn't it great when you rediscover your treasures,
reaffirm just how much you like them
and wash them and they're fresh and gleaming again
looking just like the day you got them!

this little jug and the deep blue vase
were the first pieces of artglass i ever bought.
i saw this amazing glass shop in parnell in auckland,nz
and my sister and i got there just after closing time.

the shop owner saw us with our noses pressed to the window
and opened the shop again
letting us in to browse
among the amazing glassware.

after carefully choosing the little crystal, colour studded jug
and the inky blue vase also shot with fabulous colours
i guarded them carefully
and with a sneaking song of joy in my heart
brought them back to australia
to cherish forever!

i love the memories of a perfect sisterly day out
 treasures found,
made possible by an act of kindness
from a shop owner tired from a day at work already...

i am hoping
you may find an opportunity
to make someone's day
by being kind or thoughtful...
it will make your day too!

naturally Carol xox

p.s...the red bowl trimmed with orange and the vase at the back with the clear top were subsequent gifts from my parents for birthdays.  the small green and white bowl was bought on my last trip over to nz..i love all of them!


  1. Isn't it lovely to have a change in the seasons to bring some vim & verve to our lives and help us to shake out the cobwebs?

    Your corners look terrific and I spy with my little eye, a cup and saucer set in the most glorious hues of blue.

    Happy day Lovely,
    xx Felicity

  2. Spring always brings with it a cleaning least in my home :) Like you say, it's as good a time as any to dust and clear the cobwebs away.
    Lovely corners Carol :)

  3. Good for you Carol. A touch of spring cleaning makes the home a better place. I desperately need to get into the linen cupboard but I am afraid I may never be seen again :-) x

  4. Suc lovely memories forever glazed and now you have polished them so they are shining brightly.

    The collection is really lovely.

    much love

  5. What a beautiful collection of glass! I agree - it's such a satisfying feeling to dust /wash everything and get things straight. I'm doing more or less the same thing at the moment - but putting everything away ready for winter.

  6. Oh you did so well. They are all so pretty,and so lovely to look at and remember.
    Random acts of kindness...Ahh, I remember you arriving one day with a cuppucino for are the only person who has ever done that. I myself haven't done it for anyone else either.... You are loved by many Carol. xx

  7. I seriously need to do a Spring clean too. I have lots of nooks covered in dust and never seem motivated to tackle it. I love your art glass too.xx

  8. You're right about the spring showing up dull corners...must set about to fix some of mine....thanks for sharing some of your treasures.

  9. Hello Carol! Isn't it great to get some spring cleaning done, and have everything fresh and cobweb free again? I liked seeing your corners today and pretty treasures. I'm doing some autumn cleaning over here, moving things about in my dusty studio...Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  10. I very much agree and how lovely to know the story behind those lovely items of yours. Great conversation pieces. Enjoy your week! (

  11. Oh I need to do the same thing but mine would be back to school cleaning. I will have more time on my hands wiht the three boys back in school. Oh your artglass in so pretty too!!

  12. Oh I'm so glad to hear about someone else who has 'those' corners in their house Carol. I have a section of the kitchen bench that is quite similar. I must get to cleaning that nook asap.
    What a delightful story behind the vase and jug. They are real beauties, love the colours in the jug... I would find myself looking at that ALOT if it lived in my house :o) xo

  13. What a great idea to put fabric in pretty stacks in the china cabinet!! Beautiful.

  14. My, how I do love a spring clean! The minute the weather warms up, I have the strange desire to wash every piece of material in our home. Couch covers, pillowcases, PILLOWS, everything!

    But what a feeling when it's all done. Nothing like an uncluttered and VERY clean space!

    Yours looks so good now! (Love your blue blender and polka dot tea cup!)


  15. I know just what you mean about seeing things differently in the new season's light.

    You have some lovely pieces in your eclectic collection :)

  16. These are lovely pieces! That is one gorgeous pitcher. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  17. Lovely collection Carol... And what a relief when you have finished with kitchen cleaning...
    Its a nice post
    Come to me at

  18. I love spring time and for some reason we do feel like doing more. You have some very special pieces in your china cabinet love the colour of the art glasses.

    Always Wendy

  19. Nothing better than a good ole fashion spring cleaning!!! Love, love, love that you have your fabric in with the china! LOVE IT! If your finished with all the nooks and crannies at your a bout some help with a good ole fashion fall/move cleaning? ;)

    I pray you are blessed today!


  20. Good for you! It feels so good to clean out those corners!!! I am planning to do some myself very soon! X

  21. Great job! Sometimes I get the urge to clean some corners, too, but the urge doesn't last long enough to eventuate in any inspired cleaning (sigh...)

  22. You have the sweetest face on your coffee machine! As far as the corner issues go, I'm sensing the stirrings of an inclination. If it comes of anything (and I hope it does), I shall declare you a Miracle Worker.


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