Thursday, September 8, 2011

In the Pink!

good evening!

i know this isn't my usual blogging time...
at least not usually the time i write posts anyway,
but my mind just wasn't in the right space to write earlier...
too much going on around me!

my little 'madeit shop' needs some new covers
lately i've made some things for me and my sister
but not for the shop.

these two will spruce things up
and add a splash of pink spring fun to any space!

by the time i fiddled around and got them made
the light was beginning to fade.
so i took them outside to get the last of the sunlight
and found a lovely flat rock to sit them on beside the fence.

i love this one particularly
'cos i started off by making a mistake
and put buttonholes on the large square of fabric
that was originally the front.

i didn't realise it til i'd joined the two pieces together
and they were nearly the same size!
anyway i had one scrap left over
and ended up joining them near the base of the cushion
with the last of my white bobbles in between.

funny thing is ...
it's now my favourite of the two
as i love the way the bobbles just sit perfectly on the bottom
echoing the top beautifully!

some mistakes were just meant to be made...
next time i'll do that manouvre purposefully..hehe!

this one's teamed with black
a smart look...
with clear buttons.

a pair of cushions for a bunch of pink fun...
wouldn't they be great teamed with lots of white
on a lovely front porch
or taken outside on a warm day
for a relaxed and comfy picnic
or a reading session on soft grass...

well at this stage with my grass growing at enormous speed,
with a little bit of spring sunshine and a few spring showers,
i think i may get lost out the back if i lie down in it!

just as well mr w is coming home this weekend...
we'll trade him some belated father's day pressies
for some lawn mowing skills!

you'll find some more creativity
over at 'ourcreativespaces' with kootoyoo.'s almost friday!
have a wonderful weekend too, everybody...

naturally Carol xox


  1. I love that pink fabric, Carol. And it looks great paired with the black. Cute cushions! Don't get lost out in the yard :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my bag!
    Your cushions are gorgeous. :) I do envy you waiting on spring, it's going to be a while before it arrives here again!

  3. Hello Carol,

    i hope you are ok?
    Your cusion its lovely.I like the color and the print.Sooooo sweet

    hugs Conny

  4. I love your save with the bobbles - as you say, some mistakes were meant to be!

  5. Yes some mistakes were definitely meant to be made, though I bet next time you try to redo that it won't work :)
    Lovely cushions Carol.

  6. So bright and cheery! How fun!

  7. Would bring a smile to anyone's sofa. Colour is delightful.Well done.

  8. Just when I think I'm not a pink person.....lovely cushions Carol:) They are jewel-like and would brighten any space.

  9. What a beautiful post Carol. The images you conjure up are just lovely. Oh I can see those gorgeous cushions looking divine on a day bed on some pretty verandah somewhere. The little bobbles look so cute... well done on making a masterpiece from a mistake :o) xo


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