Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty Special!

i can't believe it's already friday!

i don't really know what has happened to this week
it' just flown by...
and here we are at the end of it

i started the week off with a few dreamy blues
i'm ending it in the pink
with two pretty special fabrics
which were whispering in my ear...
make me into very cute cushions
for a girl somewhere.

having ignored them for a few weeks,
wanting to savour this fabric and it's sweetness first,

i could put them off no longer
got out my ricrac to match
a length of pink bobbley bits

and sewed them all into these...

these cute little vespas
are already to go...
vroom, vrooming in amongst the pink polka dots
big and small
orange and pink...

sewing in the bobbles
all the way around was a bit tricky...
but lots of fun
i just love sewing anything pink
which i think goes back to having four boys
and being surrounding by blue,
with only one daughter,
who, of course, i couldn't make wear pink all the time..could i?

she tells me now
she didn't really like her pink painted room...
but i must say i did
and she didn't say very much at the time.
oh, that's right...
i painted it when she was away on holiday!
{i must have been a bad, bad mum!!}

i hope she doesn't feel scarred for life
by pinkness.

although i am absolutely certain
she'd love these cushions
and the vespas and spots, ricrac and bobbley deliciousness...
aren't you?

i hope you have much deliciousness
planned for your weekend...
and knowing there'll be blue skies here
helps a lot!

naturally Carol xox


  1. These are really cute Carol.
    I have to say that I absolutely love the blue cushions that you posted the other day. The shade is just the same as the sky at the moment - spring has definitely arrived.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Carol, these are gorgeous! When I was a child a had a green, yellow and brown room. So very 70s and chick for then, hey?

    But when I turned 13 I wanted what I never had - a pink room. It was so pretty!!! I loved it. So you can tell your daughter that there are girls 'out there' who never had so much pink and loved it when they got it!

    Have a lovely weekend. The weeks do fly by so quickly!

  3. Mopeds always do it for me. When I was younger I always fancied myself as a moped rider. This was before Australia even had them, I think!!

    PS - I don't think I changed my comment thingymajig, so not sure... x

  4. it was lovely to receive a comment from you on my blog Carol, so naturally I had to visit :-)
    So glad i did...what amazing fabrics in those lovely cushions
    I love the little vespas reminds me times past and Audrey hepburn movies etc! lol
    So junk mail has moved out into rural areas too...shame :-(

  5. Very pretty cushions. Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend too!

  6. Very cute cushions!!! Those vespas are very stylish (always fancied a go on one!).

  7. Oh Carol, I absolutely LOVE these! The pink bobbles, the sweet little vespers and I also love the dotty backs of the cushions.
    You make me laugh with the pink room story. I'm sure your girl just loved it, we all like to stir our Mama's a bit once we're older.
    I think my Mama also went a little 'all out' on the pinks for me when I was little... only girl after 6 boys... she was in a similar position to you no doubt, itching to be a bit girly :o) xo
    Enjoy your weekend Carol... THEY seem to fly by even quicker!

  8. I have two girls and we're all pinked out here. What a lovely pink story you have, Carol. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. You are not a bad mum for wanting your daughter to love pink amidst all the blue. I am sick of pink........
    These cushions are just gorgeous! I got to get me some of that moped fabric, it is way, way too cute.
    Have a lovely weekend, Cat xo

  10. Hi Carol! I enjoy also sewing with pink and just love Vespas and fabrics with them!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xxx Teje

  11. How cute are these..Enjoy your weekend creative Carol..xx

  12. These are really gorgeous cushions, Carol! I love the fabric design with the little vespas and the pink bobble trim is delightful. You have made such a neat job of them. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  13. How nice these cushions are and the bobbles are a nice touch.


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