Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Windy Wednesday...


today has been windy and cold.

{golden jacaranda leaves}

the morning tea
i was supposed to go to today
 was postponed 'til tomorrow
so today
became movie day.
{yesterday was $1 movie rental day!}

{wires, jacaranda and blue sky}

my favourite movie, out of three,
was 'sarah's key'.
a story set in france in 1942
and a modern investigative journalist
who finds out the story
behind her husbands family apartment
in paris.


if you enjoy history
and a mystery
you'll love it.

{ellie..just a black shadow}

the language alternates between spoken french and english..
subtitles appear when the french is spoken.

{the street where i live}

just a lovely, slow, cosy, winter wednesday!

{spanish moss}

i just nipped out on the front steps
with the camera
to give you a glimpse of my world today.

naturally Carol xox


  1. It's been wet and cold here today...the perfect weather for curling up with a good book or movie :)


  2. It's cold and windy today here too! Brrr!! I wish I had that movie here today, sounds really interesting. Pam x

  3. Midwinter but you still have the sun! Midsummer here and apart from for a few days last week it seems not to have shone since June.
    That movie sounds just my cup of tea, I must look it up :)

  4. Hi Carol, I've been seeing your name pop up in many blogs I love too and I believe you even stopped by my blog when I linked up with Maxabella's I just had to stop by and visit. What a lovely post to visit! I also loved your post featuring the pom pombing idea (brilliant) - thank you for sharing. Teresa xo

  5. Your weather is a lot lot better than ours I can tell you. Lovely photos, your street looks very nice.


  6. Sounds delightful Carol. I love your photos. The street you live on is pretty as a picture. Ellie and Max are super cute, I bet they're lovely companions :o)
    We're having wild winter weather here in Sydney! xo

  7. What a lovely that a church that you live right close by?

  8. You take lovely photos Carol, and the dogs are wonderful! Missed you on Tuesday at Maccas. Fiona said she forgot to call you? We had a new lady by the name of Kitty and she is very nice. Frances had an appoinment.
    Blessings Crystal

  9. Sounds so lovely!! It is in the 100s here.

  10. I read the book, but have not seen the movie. I love seeing your Jacaranda trees. I love the purple blossoms they have. (One of my favorite trees from my growing up years in South America.)

  11. love the golden leaves!your street looks like a friendly quiet neighborhood!;)

  12. It's freezing here in Melbourne. I can't wait to get home. Your street looks so pretty. x

  13. What a nice collection of photos! Looks like a lovely day where you live :) My mother-in-law recently loaned me 'Sarah's Key' the book and this post gave me the motivation I needed to start it! Thank you!!


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