Friday, July 22, 2011

Retro Genius...


i have just spent pretty much
the last 24 hours
catching up with the world

season 4 this time!

the world
has probably seen this
isn't it great
that it doesn't matter if everybody else has seen something..
it's your pleasure
if you're the one seeing something for the first time!

here are just a few images
that for me
were just so sixties...


...iconic '60s hat and coat
...and hairdo


a summertime look...
love the white sunnies,
sleeveless blouse with collar
and that car.


...the venitian full of them mobiles
...skinny ties, white shirts and dark suits
...short back and sides haircuts
in his manhattan office.


...outside in the summertime
...check out the pram!

don, joan & roger

...little red dress
...big red hair
...plenty of iceberg lettuce

'don & megan'

...he's engaged

for how long?

i just loved watching episode after episode,
thirteen in all
one after another
getting truly immersed in the lives of these
manhatten advertising people
their fashions...

i feel as though i've been visiting a different place,
on holiday for the last day!

i hope your weekend is like a mini holiday for you...
it does you a world of good
to getaway.

i loved manhatten in the sixties..
just for a visit mind you!

naturally Carol xox


  1. I enjoyed looking back in time. Loved the hairdoes, dresses, pram. Hated cleaning venetians. Was that a show? I must have missed it.. Dar..thats me.
    I have been busy almost every day.Today was another dr visit and then down to Buderim to visit my daughter. Tomorrow I'll catch up on house work, Sunday a special church service and Monday hospital.. I got my hair cut very short so its easy to handle.
    Blessings to ya. Crystal

  2. Do you know that I haven't seen one episode of Madmen yet? For shame to be so behind the times! I missed out on the first season, and I can't bear to watch the later episodes without watching the first season.

    Anyway, sounds like you did some intense viewing! Which I totally understand when you are really into a show. xx

  3. Oh I LOVE Madmen Carol! I love this post too. It's fabulous how you embraced the whole season all at once. I like to do this with some Tv series also. I'm fascinated by the 60's, the fashion is particularly interesting. The pram in that shot is almost identical to the one my Mama had for all of my brothers. She handed it down to my brothers when they started having their families, about 20 years ago now. I would have loved to use it, but alas, they are way too cumbersome for this day and age... it just wouldn't have fitted in my car, or house, for that matter! :o)

  4. Finally someone else who love this show as much as me it's just an explosion of inspiration, from the clothes, decor and the city!
    love it all....I'm catching up with the first season I missed it!

  5. I always thought that I would have done well in that era ~ big glamourous hair, big collars on blouses with big skirts, cruising in a big blue car. But probably even then I would have been taking care of kids wearing an apron while cleaning house. Wait! That's what I do now!

  6. I've not seen any Madmen either but will have to remedy that asap. I've been buying vintage sewing patterns recently that apparently (say the sellers) are very Madmen so I think I should at least watch for that reason if no other.

  7. Oh I love the sixties,but the 30's really call my name..Love the hair and the dresses in madmen too..xx

  8. I havent ever seen it carol, love the white sunnies and shirt look too though! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Laura xx

  9. Hi Carol! We have this going on in tv but I haven't had much time to see it.
    I love your latest pillow, so great fabric again! It was nice to see also your sweet dogs and photos from your neighbourhood!
    xxx Teje

  10. Lovely outfits! Enjoy the beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  11. Shhh, don't tell anyone but I haven't watched the show yet. I'm a bit slow like that. It took me a while to get into the West Wing and now I have all 7 series on DVD and have watched them countless times. I suspect I'll be the same with Madmen


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