Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Candles...

good evening!

before i pop into bed
just thought i'd write this.
today has been a busy day
getting all mr p's stuff together for his passport application
i spent way to much time in waiting for him
in a hot car with the sun streaming in
my patience being sorely tested.

the first application was rejected
as i hadn't realised my printer had shaved a tiny bit off the bottom of every page
of the application...
so after going to mr p's workplace to get the boss to sign and verify the photo
we had to revisit him to get the page filled in and signed all over again.

then the post office rang to say mr p's boss hadn't filled in the back of the photo correctly,
so we had to pay him a third visit,
then go back to the post office another time as well
to drop it in.

finally at about 4.30 pm
the application was ready and accepted.

thank God we live in a small town
and our house is only just up the road from the main street
so our running around was not much in kilometres
only in the time it still took
to get things right.

continuing the theme of garden treasures...
these plants kind of tumbled out of a tree last year
so i just put bits of them back in other places
and this year they've bloomed spectacularly.

i call them tree candles
but i'm sure they have a real name!

this plant flourishes just like spanish moss
on fresh air and sunshine...
no soil, no food.

very easy to grow!

bright pink...vibrant purple...
this girl is out there
wanting to be seen...
she' s no shrinking violet!

tomorrow is another day...
lunch out with the girls,
good fun.

i hope you've got something fun to look forward to as well.

cheers, big ears!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Oh Carol, days like that are so incredibly draining, physically and mentally. I can imagine how trying it was for you to be involved in all the running around... and yes, small mercies that you weren't forced to dash around a big city or contend with parking meters and the like :o/
    And those plants are absolutely spectacular! I've never seen those before. They almost have a tropical feel about them, they remind me very much of the coral on The Great Barrier Reef.
    Hope you have some time to relax tomorrow, after your hectic day xo

  2. omg, how I hate this buerocratic sh*!! We've had plenty of that here, too, with Trev's phd. It just seems like a neverending nightmare...
    Love your flowers though... I guess cherishing the beautiful things in life is a great strategy to get over such days!!

  3. Wow, those are AMAZING! I have been loving your new 'series' that captures the beauty of where you live. And I am sorry about your long, line-waiting day...those are the worst! Hope tomorrow is a good day.

  4. I love your 'tree candles' ... so beautiful.

    As to the passport saga ... I have and hate days like that too. Deep breaths!!

  5. That's my kind of plant if there is no food or soil needed! I might actually be able to grow one of those.

  6. Such an exquisite plant. The colours are so stunning. xx

  7. A gorgeous distraction after a frustrating day. Official paperwork drives me nuts sometimes. It took me four goes to get my Queensland drivers licence last year. At least you have something exciting planned at the end of it all! Love the orchids too and the birds nest, you have a lovely little oasis there. gxo

  8. Big cheer for your passport details 'going through' - what a great relief after the drama.
    As for your firecracker of a plant - woweeee!!!
    My kind of bloomer too especially if it's low maintenance.

    Happy day!

  9. Passport applications are such a pain these days, aren't they?
    I do love that plant. The colours are spectacular. xx

  10. Love plants that give so much and are effortless! Pleased to here the battle with red tape has come to end. I will follow on my way out now that I have found the path to your door. Hope you find the time to visit me soon and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. what? wow! good gravy!!

    mountain mama

  12. Oh Carol, thank you for the follow. You are my 50th. Feel like there should be a prize. I am doing cartwheels across the living room floor. My beautiful friend over at Wendy's World will be LOL at my comment. I treasure every follower although I am enjoying myself here in Bloggers World it can be hard work especially when we are all so time pressed. I will be back to say Hi! Once again thank you. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. Wow! Those plants are amazing! Hope tomorrow is an easier day Carol x

  14. It's such a drama getting passport apps done, especially when you are residing in a different country. We need to renew six!

    I love the look of that plant..is it a succulent?

    Hope today is more relaxed for you Carol :)


  15. I hope you had a wonderful day out today, Carol, after all yesterdays mucking around! That plant is quite striking, I don't think I've ever seen one before..x

  16. Passports are fun things to get....I had similar dramas getting my first one this year.....but you know what? It will be so worth it being at your son's wedding. Hope tomorrow is a peaceful day for you xx

  17. It sounds like a bit of a tiring day today, I'm glad everything worked out in the end though. And tomorrow is a new day and it sounds like something to look forward too. Have a lovely lunch out tomorrow. xo

  18. Gosh those are lovely Carol, I know Ray will want some. I phoned and left a message today. Call when you feel like trotting out for a coffie. Can be afternoon? Gosh this heat gets to you and tomorrow the first day of summer.. Love Crystal xx

  19. What a lovely looking plant...

    Glad you got the passport sorted in the end, twas a bit of trouble wasn't it? Thought I was the only one that had days like this :)

  20. Wow, those tree candles look so exotic to me! It's hard to imagine them just growing in a tree in the garden! They are amazing and so colourful. Hope you have a great weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  21. So happy to hear everything is falling into place I'm getting excited for you. Love the colours of that beautiful plant. Enjoy your weekend my friend

    Always Wendy

  22. Hi Carol! I hope you have settled now and got your passport! How exiting journey you will have!
    Those flowers are just amazing! I wish I could have some!
    Have a wonderful time!
    xxx Teje

  23. Getting a passport is such a pain! I let my passport expire and when I reapplied found out that my marriage certificate was a fake! It was just the registra copy and I had to apply for the real one... it was a tense wait..... I was a bit worried they didn't record it and we didn't really get married! Ha! Funny now, but not at the time! I love those flowers! X


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