Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Nest...

good afternoon
on a roasting hot sunday afternoon
in queensland...

i have been awol all week,
a bit of social butterflying with end of year get togethers,
a bit of Christmas sewing,
a bit of wilting under the heat of the day
there you have it..
not a word printed for a week!

here i am
having found a sweet surprise
in my back garden...
in the pecan tree to be precise.

there she is..mrs leatherhead,
getting very worried that we are a bit too close for comfort.

just after this photo was taken
she flipped out completely and took flight,
leaving her little eggs to our mercy.

here's a peek at her neatly constructed nest
two brown eggs.

she often leaves them in the middle of the day
when the air temperature is warm and the breeze gently stirring the leaves around her.

i guess she knows what she is doing
i won't have to dob her in to birdie welfare for neglecting her unborn!

this is the bottomside of her nest...
there are even a few little clumps of max's doggy fur
helping to make it warm and cosy.

our nest is very warm today,
if we could think of somewhere cool to fly to
we would!

how is your nest today?

this week i'm going to show you
a few more late spring wonders
that have appeared in our yard this week...
i am in awe of nature at the moment.

naturally Carol xox


  1. It's a scorcher here too Carol and I keep looking at the big storm clouds rising from your part of the world and thinking "Please!!!!" but no such luck.

    Loving your captures of Mrs Leatherword and her fabulous abode.

    Happy week ahead,

  2. It always amazes me how intricately built birds nests are...they are brilliant architects really :)
    It's always busy at this time of the end as everyone is preparing for the holiday season, thankfully we don't have too much on our schedule.

  3. Isn't spring wonderful? I'm sure your little momma bird knows what she's doing!

    Not exactly scorching here at the moment, but still mild for November. We've had a few fog-bound days where the thermometer has hardly crept above zero, but yesterday was great - sunny and +7. Hoping that continues into today as I want to go to the Christmas market (it's too early to tell right now altho' the dog is eager for a walk she'll have to wait for sun up!).

  4. Hi Carol, how amazing!! so very beautiful, i agree! Nature is a wonderful thing!! was wondering how you are, look forward to seeing your lovely sewing! I havent been able to do much lately as machine is still broken, hoping to get it back soon though!
    hugs from laura xxx

  5. Hey Carol, what an especially lovely find in your backyard.........I love birds and their beautifully constructed homes. Always interesting to see where their building materials come from.

    I'm in North East Victoria where we've had 3 inches of rain since Friday.
    It's quite pleasant outside today, bit warm if you stay in the sun but certainly not as warm as where you are. The weather is perfect for ripening the berries, yum.......

    Claire :}

  6. Wow that is one elaborate nest. I don't think I've ever seen a Leatherhead before. Such a cranky looking bird. No, wait, she's the birdy equivalent of about 9 months pregnant so I'll forigve her!!! x

  7. how cool is that bird! not so hot down here yet, looking forward to sweaty summer days. We have a thrush in a nest at our house.

  8. Wow, she's let you really close! You must lok trustworthy.

  9. Oh she is lovely, is she as noisy as her other name suggests? Yes, I did my homework on your neighbour and I love it that Max has contributed in such a kind way, so cute!
    Hope to see some chicky photos if Mrs Leatherhead should oblige.

  10. That nest is quite wonderful! Here we are hunkering into winter and on your side of the globe everything is springing forth. You gotta' love this amazing world of ours x

  11. Back! Thank you for your kind words on my blog post tonight, Carol. You are a constant in my blogging world and that means a great deal to me. x

  12. I call our house "Pugad", which is the Filipino word for "Nest" ;-) This is lovely, Carol. And good to have you back.

  13. Wow, the nest is amazing! Have missed your posts. Hope you find a way to cool off. I'm so glad we are now done with our sweltering weather. It stays hot here longer than a lot of places in the US so I'm welcoming our recent cool down. Take care!

  14. Wonderful photos of the nest, Carol. I loved being able to peep in and see the eggs. It seems strange to think that your nest is sweltering while ours has been rather chilly and we had to crank up the heating!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. What a lovely surprise Carol. I have always found a nest quite fascinating and beautiful. The time and care Mama birds put into their nests and safeguarding them is so precious. They're no different to us human beings really.
    Sounds like you've had a lovely week Carol. Sometimes it's just nice to enjoy each day as it comes and not feel the need to blog xo

  16. Gorgeous photo of the eggs, how exciting having them in your back garden! Hope you find some escape from the heat :)

  17. Oh, how wonderful! I had to look up what a leatherhead was as I'd never heard of it. I would never have guessed a honeyeater could look like that!


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