Friday, November 4, 2011

On Friday, With Love...


i'm sending a bunch of friday love your way today...

just in case
you need some loving
to get you through today...

love and hugs
to all of you...

take as much as you need!

smiles are free
and laughter too
to get you through
the last day of the week.

whether your day is sunny

with joy, peace and love...

or rainy

with tears
or pain
or fear...

i just want to extend a bit of loving
and a special big hug..

to you

from me : )


naturally Carol xox


  1. Loving your heart action going on. Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. These are lovely! Enjoy the beautiful end of the week, Kellie xx

  3. Lovely hearts and sweet thoughts, Carol. And I also loved seeing those amazing Nivea ads, how stylish they are. Hope you have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  4. I am feeling the love! Happy weekend! X

  5. Thank you for that Carol! And may you have a great weekend :-)

  6. Ohhhh Carol, sending a big hug right back at you :o)
    Lovely to see some more vintage postcard images, they're lovely.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend xo

  7. You are such a sweetie! Thanks for the hugs :)

  8. Dear Carol, thank you for a lovely, sweet post! You have made so beautiful hearts! I love them! What's going on with 'nine patches'? Looking forward to see!
    Have a wonderful time!
    xxx Teje

  9. G'day Carol, Just dropping in to see how my friend is going? Oooh, you're so sweet. Sharing love around, such a lovely sentiment. Thank you, this made my day! Send love and warm fuzzy's right back at cha. Have a great day! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  10. Hearts are so sweet :)
    Hugs back to you

  11. Carol you are so thoughtful:) Thank you I needed those hugs. I hope you have a wonderful week. xo

  12. Beautiful post, Carol, and I love the vintage Nivea ads.

  13. Thank you dear friend sending some love back to you special lady. Have a wonderful day

    Always wendy


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