Monday, November 28, 2011

Grand Designs In Miniature...

good afternoon!

there is a promise of a storm
bearing down from the north...
i hope it's not wishful thinking.

i'm not going to check the bom website..
i know that is the first thing mr w would say to do,
but if i'm mistaken
at least i'll have had a few hours of anticipation..haha!

i've had my passport photos taken today
contacted a nz friend to get a reference,
she's known me over two years as per requirements..poor girl.

tomorrow i'll post off my application for renewal
by express post
i may even have to pay them extra to get it done pronto.

well that's my own silly fault
for leaving it all to the last month...
it was a month yesterday 'til we fly out to taipei
for mr s and miss amy's wedding..woohoo!

that's my news for today,
now i'll show you a few little garden treasures
that are tiny and perfect....

these orchids are tiny,
only about as big as a thumbnail!

if any of you know what they are called,
i'd love to know.

we found them growing here on our jacaranda
when we bought the house.
they've always lived right next to the rusting 'welcome'
that is stuck for good in the fork of the tree.
the tree as grown around it!

the form, the colour distribution...

this shows the orchids at about three times their natural size!

i found these little moss gardens
on the paling fence...

this part of the fence gets barely a ray of sunshine...

i love looking at these micro environments
wonder at the number of little plants
which make up these tiny gardens!

i will have to leave them there until the fence rots
'cos i can't bring myself to scrape them off .

isn't it amazing how perfect tiny can be!

perfect can come in small packages...
good to remember at Christmas time..

is the Christmas spirit starting to stir you?

i'm storing away a few nuts...
bit by bit.

naturally Carol xox

p.s..the reason why we were able to take pictures of the bird's nest so easily is that it is only a couple of metres off the ground right on the outer limb of the pecan tree!


  1. Ooh, I love the miniatures in your garden :)

    You have reminded me to check our passports...I think they are due to expire very soon.


  2. Fingers crossed you get your passport back in time, Carol!

    Love those orchids - so pretty. Haven't got the foggiest what they're called, but they most certainly are beautiful.

  3. I am loving the tour of your garden...gardens can be so full of beauty and treasures.
    I am sure the passport thing will work out just exciting to head away for a wedding.

  4. Your garden miniatures are lovely Carol, and a reminder that there's beauty in even the tiniest details :)
    In my experience, paying the passport office to prioritise a passport application means a three day turn-around - paying extra $$$ means you jump the queue. Legalised highway robbery though!

  5. Oh Carol, they are precious beauties indeed. Thanks for sharing them. Now you have me intrigued! J x

  6. What delightful little orchids! How exciting for you flying OS for a wedding...I look forward to reading all about it when the time's not long tho'!

  7. Love the moss Carol, it almost looks like a cold frost has got to them!
    I hope you get your passport. I have just renewed my British one and it took less than two weeks to arrive.

  8. How exciting oh I would be busting out of my skin love weddings.Love those photos wish I could help you out with the orchids but have no idea but they sure are lovely. Have a wonderful day tomorrow my friend.

    Always Wendy

  9. Love the photos. The Christmas spirit is definitely stirring. We put our tree up this weekend so Im constantly reminded of how few days I have to get my shopping done and my cards mailed!

  10. Nothing prettier than wild orchids growing! And I do need to get focused on my Christmas to-do list here!
    xo Cathy

  11. What a gorgeous flower! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx


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