Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's Not to Love on a Tuesday?


this week i am right into sewing a few little selvedge inspired hearts,
so i'm doing a bit of loving this week as well...

tuesday love looks like this....

...there are always double point cappucinos at gj's and new movie releases at blockbuster!
{just in case i'm short on other stuff to do}

...better late than never this morning, prayer started at the same time as i got out of bed this morning,
but got there at 7.30 and still had a great time

...8.00 am cappucino with friends at chatz cafe woke me up properly

...another cuppa, bacon, eggs and tomato at chatz for brekky with a chapter of the book
i'm currently reading at around 10.00 am

...get home and change and go out with a broom to work up a sweat sweeping away the floral carpet
that the jacarandas have left on my front paths and driveway
{they turn into slime if the rain comes}

...peace & quiet for a couple of hours now, so i can blog etc while the rest have gone shopping, yay!

...tuesday night bible college, loving it, only 2 more weeks to go though and then have finished my
two year course

i wonder which horse 'll win the melbourne cup today...must watch

are you in melbourne cup mode today?
hope you win the sweepstakes...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hey Carol, I love these hearts and heart your day so far.

    I've been elbow deep in icing and smarties creating an eight layer rainbow birthday cake for someone special and am about to embark on my famous lasagne as per their request for this evening's meal.

    Hugs to you and good luck for the race.

  2. HI Carol,

    I'm loving your hearts. They are super cute!

    Im also doing my law degree part time and looking forward to finished it next year, God's willing!

    Have a good time and good luck for the race. TC!

  3. Love those hearts...and missing those summer days where I could sleep in then enjoy a book along with coffee and maybe meet a friend for brunch. Sounds like you are having a great day!

  4. What a great sounding Tuesday Carol. Wow! Almost completed 2 years of bible college, that is a real achievement, I bet it feels great to have very nearly accomplished something that means so much :o)
    I didn't bet on the Melb Cup this year and actually woke up mid race. I'd fallen asleep just prior to the start with little Felix on my lap, as he had a bit of a restless day. At least I caught the exciting photo finish ;o) xo

  5. Dear Carol,

    oh i love your little Heart!!! Absolutly cute!!!
    Send you many Greetings and thank you so much for your Comment on my blog. I´m always happy to hear from you,


  6. These are beautiful Carol you are so talented my friend. My horse came in second just by a nose so close but I'm happy with that. We had a late night we Halloween with the little ones trick and treating we had so much fun have some photos on my blog if you get a minute do have a little look. Have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  7. Sounds like the perfect slow day...oh to have one like that! I am loving your hearts xxx

  8. Thanks Carol for your lovely comment.
    Now this heart is lovely, I like the colours too. Makes a change from red.
    best wishes julie.c

  9. Cute heart!
    How wonderful to be 2 weeks off finishing your course. I think I'll take 6 or 7 years to finish my diploma LOL.
    Did you win ... giddy up?!


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