Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Theodore Kids 'n' Cushions!

good afternoon!

as most of you know,
earlier this year
i organised a collection of handmade cushions
for theodore ...
a town in central queensland
that had been badly affected by the floods in january.

after sending quite a few up there
we found out that there was a need
for cushions in the youngest classes of the local primary school.

with a lot of help from my bloggy friends
we sent along 35 cushion covers
which were filled by jenny sams and her friends up there
and given to the nanango primary school.

a couple of days ago
jenny emailed me with this photo
of the kids at school
with their cushions...

{sorry about the quality..
i don't have winzip on my computer
so couldn't unzip the original file
so just had to copy the little pic that was sent}

all of you who made these covers
can be proud of the work you've done
to bring smiles
{even if staged, some of}
to these little faces.

what can't be accomplished on our own,
can be done together!

have a wonderful wednesday today...

naturally Carol xox


  1. oh my Carol....this gave me tingles all over! All those smiling kiddies with a gorgeous cushion to plonk themselves down on.

    Very inspiring!


  2. Yay!!! I love seeing this picture and knowing that the cushions are loved.

  3. oh bless look at their faces.just gorgeous.what a beautiful thing to do.agree very inspiring.

  4. The cushions look great - lovely colours. How wonderful for the kids - they look so happy.

  5. Lovely to know they are being used and appreciated!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing that photo...I do feel a tinge of proudness at seeing my humble little cushion being held by one of the children.

  7. What a lovely thing to have organised! All the kids look very happy with their cushions :)

  8. SO EXCITING!!! My softies went to the same school. I hope to get a photo from Jenny soon too! So happy all those delighful cushions have been put to good use!

  9. Oh Carol, they look so happy! Well done! X

  10. What a wonderful blessing to those children Carol. Its an incentive for the children to realise, people do care. Love in action. Hug x

  11. You are just so kind and generous Carol! I wish all the people are like you! Me including :)-Joni

  12. Absolutely beautiful Carol. It must make you feel so happy and proud seeing their happy little faces peering up over those lovely cushions. Well done indeed :o) xo

  13. What a fantastic achievement! You have every right to be very proud of all your work - and for being so thoughtful

  14. You've done a wonderful job. Just the smile on those happy faces makes your day.

  15. THe kids obviously love having their OWN cushion..
    You did a beautiful thing Carol..xx

  16. Way to go, Carol. I bet they love them!

  17. How lovely! They look so happy with those beautiful cushions! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  18. G'day Carol, How are you my friend? It's great to see the towns people of Theodore getting back on their feet. How lovely are those children displaying their cushions?! Such a great effort by all who helped to bring a warm glow to the hearts of these precious children! God Bless! Ü - With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  19. This is a wonderful thing you have done, Carol. Bringing a little bit of colour to lives who really need it. This post makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy - a great feeling. Well Done to you and your fellow cushion contributors.

    Gill xo

  20. This was such a wonderful thing you all did. You have a kind heart.


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