Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventure With 1000 Homes of Happiness!

good morning!

early this morning
i had a mission in mind.

a couple of weeks ago
i made a request to '1000 homes of happiness'
to be able to release one of their origami homes!

i had in mind to call it


here is the little home of happiness..'companionship'
that kellie sent me...thank you
for this priviledge of being able to send one out into
the wide wide world...
why don't you go and say hello to her today.

it is sitting on the dashboard of my car..
ready for it's adventure.

there are a certain couple of benches downtown..
in midcity
that attract a certain group of older gentlemen
outside the westpac bank.

they sit on those benches and chinwag
about whatever is passing by...
just taking stock of the day
and solving the world's problems, i presume.

so today
early in the misty morn...

the little home of happiness and i
set off to start an adventure...

we went down to mary st
and found the bench on which 'companionship'
was going to sit...

just outside the westpac bank.

there were a couple of lurkers there already...
dressed in there fluoro work vests and steel capped boots,
waiting for the bank to open.

i placed 'companionship' on the end of the bench
propped up sitting in a little groove
so it didn't fall down onto the pavers.

so there she sits
comfortably waiting for a new friend
to take her home!

it looked like the street was pretty empty...

but as i drove off...

i saw the old fellas
just standing around the corner of the bank...
with curious eyes and little smirky grins
waiting for me to drive off!

probably thinking that i may be strange
with my camera in hand
placing little paper houses on their favourite bench in

that was a lovely bit of adventure
for a misty wednesday morning
with promises of sunshine and beauty...

just now a brown box was delivered by courier...
i'll show you what was in it,

have a lovely wednesday...

naturally Carol xox


  1. I hope the little origami house finds a loving place to land. What a great journey it has had. And looking forward to hearing what's in the parcel!

  2. Carol,you are such a sweet soul..xx

  3. what a fabulous idea.i hope it gets a loving home too.hehe giggling at the old men.hehe
    oh i want to know whats in your parcel too!

  4. Oh I hope your little home finds it's way home! I love this little project - makes me happy just thinking about it. Happy travels Companionship. Cazxx

  5. Such a lovely idea Carol. It would have made someone's day very special.

    Pam x

  6. oh woweee! I have just spotted this and clicked that you, my lovely, are 'Carol' from one of my fav blogs 'Naturally Carol'.

    I remember reading this email out, plonked on the couch a while ago saying to my hubby how lovely this lady is!

    I have a soft spot for this little home, the word and the lovely old men on the park bench. What a wonderful story.

    This little home has been on quite an adventure.
    Thankyou Carol. You are very special indeed.

    We will link back up tomorrow. xoxox

  7. What a lovely idea, Carol!

  8. What a lovely thing to do!
    I have had so many problems trying to comment I am so sorry I haven't been able to leave a comment.... so.... THANKs for thinking of me and passing on the AWARD!
    You are such a sweetie!
    Hopefully this comment will save! (The last few days I didn't even get a comment box!) X

  9. Yay, another one released into the wide world...and what a lovely word :-)

  10. How exciting to be apart of such fun...I loved where you left it...lets hope they are groovy old men who know how to use a computer!

  11. What a sweet idea!! Such a lovely thing to do. Wonder what's in the box?? Have a happy day, Carol.
    Helen x

  12. What a lovely idea! I've never heard of it before. Love your cushions!
    Beth x

  13. What a neat idea! Love your choice of location for its new adventure to begin.

  14. Sounds sweet! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  15. Such a nice idea and thinking who will take this little gift home.


  16. Great little idea Carol, I bet it brightened someones day.



i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!