Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Express Post!

good morning!

please join me in celebrating

no 2 & no 1

cushions to go to nanango primary school today
in the post asap!

0 to do!!!!!

the kindy and prep classes will have 35 new cushions
for 2nd term...

thank you to maree at 'on my verandah'
for these two...

beautiful bright patches will delight the kids for sure
soft and 'ill be flaking out on the floor!

circles and patches on this one
i think it looks a lot of fun...

now let's put the two together
and forget about the dreary weather!

the kids are in for a treat
these two together look absolutely sweet!

they've got buttoned up backs
and tons of style.

thanks a heap maree
you're a star!

i've made a cushion for my mum that i'll show you tomorrow..
a kind of birthday/mother's day thing.

have a happy day and celebrate something too..only no chocolate!
{for me}

naturally Carol xox


  1. Congratulations at making the goal...the kids will love every one of them when they return to school.It was a fantastic idea you had.

  2. Yay - I can sure celebrate with you :O) You can now rest peacefully knowing the bottoms of Nanago's future generations are well cared for :O) Well done Carol Caz

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations! You made it!

    Thanks for your great work. =)


  4. Beautiful they should be thrilled. (good pick up re the monk and shopping cart LOL I hadn't noticed it). Charmaine

  5. well done! you have done a fantastic thing for that school and those children. What beautiful cushions.

  6. Oh my goodness, what cuteness!!! I know the kids and teachers a like will LOVE them.

    Thanks for explaining anzac...what a lovely way to celebrate some very courageous people!

    Have a great day and go ahead and have a little choccie treat!


  7. Wow, you've done it! That's just so fabulous, Carol.

    That doggy pic is a sensation! I love it! x

  8. How great are those!??! The kids are going to love them. Excellent :)

  9. G'Day Carol, Congratulations! I hope you gave yourself a big pat on the back. The floods were so devastating and I'm just so proud of you and all those that helped you in any way they could. I hope you will be able to visit the children at Nanango Primary School to see the joy and smiles on their faces, that you have bought them and the teachers from the loving help you have given them. Well done dear friend! I hope you have a great week! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  10. Well done, Carol! I still haven't got round to setting up my sewing machine despite my best intentions - things have just been a bit too chaotic round here!

  11. Congratulations dear Carol! You have always lovely, happy posts! I love the latest pillows and saw the wonderful puffy rabbit!
    Have a lovely day! xxx Teje

  12. Wow!!! Congratulations. You did an awesome job, those kids are so lucky. (.... considering!)

  13. What pretty colors and prints. LOVE those cushions.

  14. If it makes you feel any better Carol, I was off the chocolate this Easter as well!

  15. Lovely prints! Very well done! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  16. That's fantastic! Great job, congratulations.

  17. Yay!!! It must be a great feeling to know that the cushions are all finished and on their way to the children.


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